Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time to get your girl on!

I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE being the mommy of two little girls. I am not really sure what I would do if I ever have a boy. Thank goodness that Jeremy does not mind being surrounded by girls all of the time. Kirsten got an American Girl Doll for her birthday that she named Emily, so today we had a mommy-daughter date to the American Girl Store. It was SO MUCH FUN! How did I ever survive growing up without one of these dolls?!

The first stop on our tour was the Doll Salon.
Yes, I actually paid someone money to fix a doll's hair. Kirsten has been sleeping with her and it was a massive mess of tangles, so I wanted them to show me how to do it, because their hair is quite delicate.

Next, it was shopping time. Kirsten has been saving her money for a few months and bought a pair of purple pajamas all by herself for Emily. I was so proud of my little girl, she seemed so grown up as she counted out her money and paid for her pajamas. She was very proud of her purchase too and thrilled to have her own bag to carry around.
Then we had lunch at the American Girl Bistro. They even have special high chairs and tea cups for the dolls so that they can join you at the table. Kirsten was too busy feeding Emily to eat much herself.
We had so much fun and she has been playing dress up with her doll in all of her new clothes since we got home. She is already planning our next trip and informed me that when she is 10, Katie will be 5 and will get her own doll and then we can all go back together.

Last Wednesday after school, Kirsten wanted to do makeovers. So I put her hair in a bun, painted her nails and put makeup on her. Then she returned the favor by doing the same thing to me. Isn't she beautiful?!Katie is becoming more and more fun everyday. She regularly sleeps 10 hours a night and is fairly consistent with her day time schedule. I find that she does better on the days we have set places to go than the days we just stay at home. She is starting to be awake more during the day and play with us. She can roll now from her tummy to back, and yesterday she scooted about 3 feet across the living room. I guess I have to keep a closer eye on her now.

Here she is joining in on music time with her maracas while Kirsten played the recorder and Jeremy the tambourine.
For the past two weeks she has also been joining us at the dinner table. I thought two months was a little small to be in the high chair, but she would get so mad if we left her in her swing during dinner. I am glad that she already loves being part of the family.
I love my girls and my family so much! We may have two pink rooms, dolls coming out of our ears, and makeup and hair bows everywhere, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Well, I have to go, someone wants me to play Barbies with them!


The Astounding Andersens said...

Kirsten and Katie are just too cute!!! What a blessing for you and Jeremy to have two BEAUTIFUL girls! When Kirsten turns 16 y'all need to invest in a GOOD shotgun! There will be too many boys lining up to date those cute Alleman girls!

Janet Adams Starnes said...

I am so happy you have two beautiful girls to fill your life with joy. Love you all bunches, MOM

Shari said...

I have three little girls, so our house is also all about the "girl stuff."