Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Happenings

I feel like Halloween has lasted for a full week around here. It seems to happen every year, but I definitely will not complain about getting a lot of use out of our costumes.

Speaking of costumes, here are both Kirsten and Katie all dolled up and ready to head out! Kirsten was Ariel this year and Katie was a Cheetah.
Our mom's group had our 3rd annual Trunk-or-Treat behind the elementary school last week. The kids put on a parade, trick-or-treat, and then we have a pot luck at the park. It is always so much fun.

Kirsten and Michael Lenderman are very good friends. We have had some issues with them deciding to be boyfriend and girlfriend, then dumping each other, then going out again. We keep telling them that they can't date until they are 16, but she swears that he is her "one true love" mainly because he protects her on the playground. I am not looking forward to the teenage years!
Here is Jeremy with his girls! (And the rental car. Thank goodness we finally got our car back this week. It took 19 days from the accident, and we still have USAA fighting with the other guy's insurance. So glad we have USAA!)
If you look closely at the last picture, you will notice the dark clouds looming in the distance. We decided not to brave the potluck because of it and went out to dinner with the Lenderman's at Purple Cow.

Then Saturday morning we went with the Lendermans to the Story Book Ranch Pumpkin Patch. Both girls dressed up in their Halloween clothes. Kirsten especially loved this hay maze.
They also had a petting zoo, bounce house, and best of all, Pony rides! We had a blast and left right as it was beginning to rain again.
I thought that it was sad that they do not do anything at school to celebrate Halloween. So my friend Holly and I made these little treat bags to send with the kids to school. I am having so much fun with my "Big Shot" making all kinds of things. Kirsten loved taking a special treat to all of her classmates and I loved being able to make them.
This week they also got to wear their costumes to dance class. Kirsten's teach, Mrs Linda, was a fairy princess and fit the part!
After dance we headed straight over to the church for our ward's Trunk-or-Treat party. Katie was loving the view from her new stroller.
The activities committee way out-did themselves this time. There was catered food, two bounce houses, music, dancing, a rock band competition, car decorating competition, costume contests, and my favorite was the adults playing musical chairs. I never knew musical chairs could be a contact sport! When the kids finally got to trick or treat, they were so excited. There were over a hundred cars and Kirsten went around with her friend Reagan. It was hard to realize that she did not need me to take her around anymore.
After we ran out of candy, we took Katie around to get in on the action. She even held on to her pumpkin a little bit.
I am glad that we had so many activities over the past week, and hopefully they will make up for us not going around the neighborhood this year since Halloween is on a Sunday.

Another highlight of this weekend were our visitors. My brother John and his girl friend Sarah came to visit before they both head out to their new assignments with the Marine Corps. So my mom drove down for the weekend and brought her parents with her. It was wonderful for Katie to meet her Great-Grandma and Grandpa Adams. We are so blessed that our kids still have all of their great grandparents living.

There is more, but I will have to post later, I am tired and both girls are in bed! The past week has been exhausting and I am going to bed too!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stamp Camp

I went to my very first Holiday Stamp Camp today. It was four hours of complete child-free bliss! On a side note, I fed Katie right before I left, and then Jeremy got her down an hour later and she slept until I got home. I did not even miss a nursing. I seriously wonder how I got such an amazing baby!

I was invited by Kirsten's preschool teacher from last year and had so much fun catching up with her. Here is my loot!
We made a Christmas tree
A card
A Banner that says JOY
And a Tag Box complete with 6 divided pockets and 24 Holiday Gift Tags
I learned so much. Some of the things I did for the first time, I learned how the Crop-a-dile works, used glitter glass, pearls and rhinestone embellishments, used tons of new punches, worked with fabric, some new die-cuts for my Big Shot, and just overall had a great time. Now I just have to decide which of these I might try to reproduce for Christmas gifts.

Girl Scouts

As many of you know, I volunteered to be a Daisy Girl Scout Troop Leader this year. I am still not quite sure what I have gotten myself into. I did it because I wanted Kirsten to be in Girl Scouts, my mom was my troop leader and it was always really special to me, and no one else would do it.

It has been a long process spanning 2 months to get our troop started. Luckily I have an amazing co-leader, Kim, who is super organized and creative. We have some really fun activities planned for the girls this year and they can hardly wait to start earning their patches and petals. Kirsten has been especially excited and super patient as I went to trainings, held parent meetings, and did more paperwork than ever before in my life.

Finally, this week we had our first meeting with the girls. We have 10 delightful five year old kindergarteners in our troop.

Here is the most beautiful Daisy ever!
They earned their "Sister to every Scout" petal this week. We talked about the Girl Scout Promise, tried to teach it to them, and talked about what it means to be a sister. Then the girls paired up and traced each other on big sheets of paper and drew a Daisy uniform on their likeness. It was organized chaos to say the least, but I think they had fun.
We will be meeting every other week for the rest of the school year. Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

State Fair Disaster

So for some reason we decided that it would be a good idea to go to the State Fair this weekend. Nothing went as planned and we will be recuperating for quite some time from it.

We were planning on leaving at 9 am in order to get there by the time it opened at 10. We did not end up leaving until 9:30, but still not the end of the world. Katie by the way, HATES being in the car. She screams bloody murder from the time we leave anywhere until we get back. I don't understand it, we used to drive Kirsten around to calm her down. Anyway, Katie was freaking out in the car and we realized that it was time for her to eat. So we got off the freeway and I nursed her in the car while Jeremy and Kirsten walked around Hobby Lobby for a half an hour. Now it was 10:15, I guess we are not making it by opening now.

So off we go again down 75, and about 2 miles before the I-30 exit, traffic stopped dead. After 20 minutes and a quarter of a mile, Kirsten and I both had to go potty. So we pulled out of the line just to get stopped in another 2 mile back up for MLK Parkway. So we pulled out of that line and took the next exit onto Lamar street. This put us in the heart of Oak Cliff. Not somewhere I ever wanted to find myself. As we were inching along looking for a bathroom, a car pulled out in front of us and we had to stop. Just then, I heard the sound that no one ever wants to hear, crashing metal. My first instinct was to check my girls. They both seemed to be okay, but crying hysterically. Then I checked Jeremy and myself. We're okay. Then I looked behind us. We were rear-ended by a fully-loaded cement truck. Fabulous. We pulled into the turn lane and Jeremy got out of the car. I called 911, for the first time in my life. Apparently in Dallas they don't send Police out if there are no injuries, you are just supposed to exchange information. So I got out and told them that. The driver of the truck said it was our fault and refused to give us anything. So I called 911 for the second time in my life and they sent a police officer out. He did not have proof of insurance and had to get a hold of his boss who then brought the insurance for the wrong truck and had to get someone else to bring the right one. The guys were being really shady and kept changing stories, so the police officer opened a case report to document everything. We ended up being there for 2 hours through all of this. Kirsten was such a trooper and Katie screamed the entire time. The car is still driveable, but the whole back end will need to be replaced and who knows what other damage was done that we can't see because of the weight of the truck. I am not looking forward to dealing with the insurance company this week.

So after all of this, we decided to still head to the fair. By the time we got there, the parking at the Fair was full. We finally found a High School that was parking on the football field to raise money for the ROTC. We decided that was probably the safest place, so we parked and walked a mile to the fair grounds. We then waited in line for an hour to buy Kirsten's ticket (Jeremy and I had ours already from a friend.) So finally at 1:15, 4 hours after we left, we arrived at the Fair and finally got to use the bathroom. In hind sight, it might have been faster to have waited in the traffic back up!

We realized as soon as we got to the fair that we had taken the camera out of the back pack to take pictures of the accident and left it in the car. So we don't even have pictures of the fair. Jeremy and Kirsten looked at the animals while I nursed Katie. They had "Baby Care Centers" set up all around the fair. They were horrid. They were tents made out of tarps with no air circulation and mud on the ground. It was wonderful to feed Katie with no privacy, while sweating profusely and having your feet sinking into mud. So not my idea of fun. Then Kirsten and I went to "Little Hands on the Farm" which was actually pretty fun. Then the football game ended. It got so crowded that it took over an hour for us to walk from the farm to the auto show. Kirsten almost passed out from lack of air because the crowd was so thick, so Jeremy ended up carrying her on his shoulders while I pushed a screaming Katie in the stroller. The auto show was too crowded to even get near the cars. So we headed out and waited an hour in line to buy $1 hot dogs. Then we pushed our way through more crowds and I nursed Katie again, and it was even hotter this time, while Jeremy and Kirsten went on one ride. That filled 5 hours. I could not believe it. We were all totally beat and had basically done nothing. So we began the trek back to the car. Katie screamed the entire way home and stopped as soon as we walked in the door.

Kirsten keeps asking when we are going to go back to the fair and actually do something. My answer, Never. At least not on a Saturday, and we are taking DART.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pumpkins on the Prairie

Today was Kirsten's first field trip with her kindergarten class to Pumpkins on the Prairie. My wonderful mother-in-law came and stayed with Katie so that I could go and enjoy the day with her. The highlight of the day was of course her very first ride on the school bus. I honestly cannot remember a time that I actually enjoyed riding a bus, but I am sure glad that she had fun on it.
The very first thing her class did was go on a hay ride. After we went around once it was touching when several of the children asked where Jack was, and insisted that we get him and go again. Jack is a special needs boy who is in her class part-time. It was amazing to see how these five year olds loved and cared for this tiny little boy.
Next we went to the math station. The kids got to sort pumpkins into size order and then weigh and measure different sized pumpkins.
Then we got a break from the sun and went inside the adjoining church to do an arts and crafts project.
Then it was off to our picnic lunch followed by the science tower. Did you know that pumpkins float? I guess when I think about it, it makes sense, I just never really considered it before. We also learned that lemons float, but limes sink, and that a can of pepsi sinks, but diet pepsi floats because there is no sugar in it. Fascinating! I cannot believe that I learned something new at a kindergarten field trip!

Next stop was the Social Studies station where they learned all about what you can find on a prairie, the hay maze, and then story time. Then Kirsten got to pick out her "perfect pumpkin".
Here is the happy class of Kindergarteners.
They of course requested a silly face picture.
What a fun day! I am wiped out, but had so much fun. It was so wonderful to be able to share this special day with my special girl!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Three Months- a little late

I know this is a week late, but Katie turned 3 months old last week. I got pictures, but completely forgot to post. I owe it to the fact that on her birthday I left for work at 10 am and we did not return home until 10 pm. My mom was in town for work and so we drove to Fort Worth after school to spend some time with her.

Katie is growing like a weed. She has outgrown all of her 3 month clothes and some of her 6 month clothes. She is rolling over almost every time we put her on the tummy and makes some of the cutest noises I have ever heard. She is full of smiles and laughter and brings so much joy to our home. She sleeps 10 - 12 hours a night and sticks like glue to her daytime schedule - at least until Kirsten gets home from school. Then she is so happy to be around her sister that she is impossible to get down for another nap unless she crashes. She has really made up for the first few difficult weeks! I could not ask for a better baby or a better big sister.

Here is her monthly bear picture. Isn't she so pretty?!

Kirsten and Katie have two things in common. They love spending time with Daddy, and they love books. So when we combine the two every night at bed time, we have complete bliss. I don't think that you will ever hear Jeremy complain about it either!
I have been busy getting Kirsten's Girl Scout Troop started. We had the parent meeting last week and I got all the paper work turned in tonight at our Service Unit meeting. I just got an e-mail with our troop number. We are Daisy Troop 2722! Kirsten is so thrilled and can hardly wait to get things going. I hope that I have not gotten in over my head. I have a great Co-Leader though, and the parents are all amazing. I am really looking forward to getting started with the fun part now that I am finally done with all the paper work after two months.

It is cooling off finally and we are loving the cooler air. Jeremy took both girls to the park this afternoon while I taught piano lessons and then Kirsten spent some time riding her scooter out front with friends this evening. I love this time of year and desperately want to go see a marching band! Happy Fall!