Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Happenings

I feel like Halloween has lasted for a full week around here. It seems to happen every year, but I definitely will not complain about getting a lot of use out of our costumes.

Speaking of costumes, here are both Kirsten and Katie all dolled up and ready to head out! Kirsten was Ariel this year and Katie was a Cheetah.
Our mom's group had our 3rd annual Trunk-or-Treat behind the elementary school last week. The kids put on a parade, trick-or-treat, and then we have a pot luck at the park. It is always so much fun.

Kirsten and Michael Lenderman are very good friends. We have had some issues with them deciding to be boyfriend and girlfriend, then dumping each other, then going out again. We keep telling them that they can't date until they are 16, but she swears that he is her "one true love" mainly because he protects her on the playground. I am not looking forward to the teenage years!
Here is Jeremy with his girls! (And the rental car. Thank goodness we finally got our car back this week. It took 19 days from the accident, and we still have USAA fighting with the other guy's insurance. So glad we have USAA!)
If you look closely at the last picture, you will notice the dark clouds looming in the distance. We decided not to brave the potluck because of it and went out to dinner with the Lenderman's at Purple Cow.

Then Saturday morning we went with the Lendermans to the Story Book Ranch Pumpkin Patch. Both girls dressed up in their Halloween clothes. Kirsten especially loved this hay maze.
They also had a petting zoo, bounce house, and best of all, Pony rides! We had a blast and left right as it was beginning to rain again.
I thought that it was sad that they do not do anything at school to celebrate Halloween. So my friend Holly and I made these little treat bags to send with the kids to school. I am having so much fun with my "Big Shot" making all kinds of things. Kirsten loved taking a special treat to all of her classmates and I loved being able to make them.
This week they also got to wear their costumes to dance class. Kirsten's teach, Mrs Linda, was a fairy princess and fit the part!
After dance we headed straight over to the church for our ward's Trunk-or-Treat party. Katie was loving the view from her new stroller.
The activities committee way out-did themselves this time. There was catered food, two bounce houses, music, dancing, a rock band competition, car decorating competition, costume contests, and my favorite was the adults playing musical chairs. I never knew musical chairs could be a contact sport! When the kids finally got to trick or treat, they were so excited. There were over a hundred cars and Kirsten went around with her friend Reagan. It was hard to realize that she did not need me to take her around anymore.
After we ran out of candy, we took Katie around to get in on the action. She even held on to her pumpkin a little bit.
I am glad that we had so many activities over the past week, and hopefully they will make up for us not going around the neighborhood this year since Halloween is on a Sunday.

Another highlight of this weekend were our visitors. My brother John and his girl friend Sarah came to visit before they both head out to their new assignments with the Marine Corps. So my mom drove down for the weekend and brought her parents with her. It was wonderful for Katie to meet her Great-Grandma and Grandpa Adams. We are so blessed that our kids still have all of their great grandparents living.

There is more, but I will have to post later, I am tired and both girls are in bed! The past week has been exhausting and I am going to bed too!


The Astounding Andersens said...

The Girls looked BEAUTIFUL in their costumes!! Katie made a PURRRR-fect cheetah and Kirsten was a STUNNING Ariel!! You always have such cute costumes for the girls Laura! It looks like y'all had a wonderful time celebrating Halloween!

P.S. Those bags you made for Kirstens's class were SUPER cute! You are so crafty!!

Janet Adams Starnes said...

I loved being able to see the girls in their costumes and watching Kirsten's Halloween dance class. We had a wonderful visit. Thanks for being such a great hostess Laura. Love, MOM

Mom Alleman said...

What a memorable Halloween for your family! Thanks for posting the pictures of the girls' in their costumes since we weren't able t see them--they looked great! We love you guys!