Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pumpkins on the Prairie

Today was Kirsten's first field trip with her kindergarten class to Pumpkins on the Prairie. My wonderful mother-in-law came and stayed with Katie so that I could go and enjoy the day with her. The highlight of the day was of course her very first ride on the school bus. I honestly cannot remember a time that I actually enjoyed riding a bus, but I am sure glad that she had fun on it.
The very first thing her class did was go on a hay ride. After we went around once it was touching when several of the children asked where Jack was, and insisted that we get him and go again. Jack is a special needs boy who is in her class part-time. It was amazing to see how these five year olds loved and cared for this tiny little boy.
Next we went to the math station. The kids got to sort pumpkins into size order and then weigh and measure different sized pumpkins.
Then we got a break from the sun and went inside the adjoining church to do an arts and crafts project.
Then it was off to our picnic lunch followed by the science tower. Did you know that pumpkins float? I guess when I think about it, it makes sense, I just never really considered it before. We also learned that lemons float, but limes sink, and that a can of pepsi sinks, but diet pepsi floats because there is no sugar in it. Fascinating! I cannot believe that I learned something new at a kindergarten field trip!

Next stop was the Social Studies station where they learned all about what you can find on a prairie, the hay maze, and then story time. Then Kirsten got to pick out her "perfect pumpkin".
Here is the happy class of Kindergarteners.
They of course requested a silly face picture.
What a fun day! I am wiped out, but had so much fun. It was so wonderful to be able to share this special day with my special girl!


The Astounding Andersens said...

What a SUPER FUN field trip!! It sounds like y'all learned a lot!! I wish I could have been there with y'all!! We miss y'all and can't wait to see your happy faces!!

Janet Adams Starnes said...

That brings back a lot of good memories when you were a child. I am so glad that Cindy was there to watch Katie so you could go with Kirsten. She will remember it for a long time. It is always good to learn something new, even in kindergarten..... Love you, MOM

Mom Alleman said...

I just saw both of your new Blogs--what great pictures! I heard all about Kirsten's field trip--but it was nice to see all of the pictures. I noticed that Kirsten is sitting next to Jack--it looks like he likes her funny face :) Thank you for your great Posts! We love you guys!