Friday, December 3, 2010


The Friday before Thanksgiving, Kirsten, Katie and I flew to Chicago to visit my sister Anne and her family. I was a little apprehensive being on the plane alone with both girls, but they did amazingly well. In fact, when I stood up to get off the plane, the lady behind me said "I didn't know there was a baby on the plane!" That had to be the best compliment a mom could ever have!

On Saturday, we headed downtown to the Magnificent Mile. We saw the ice skaters, the parade, Millenium Park and enjoyed being together. Downtown Chicago was amazing!
While there, we had to stop for some authentic Chicago Pizza at Giodanos. It was unbelievable. I had to get a picture - I may never be able to eat regular pizza again!
Katie was a trooper downtown, it was freezing. She finally crashed after dinner. She spent a lot of time sleeping in her stroller that week.
Kirsten was particularly fascinated with "The Bean". It is this huge , bean shaped mirror that reflects the skyline of Chicago all the way around.
Monday, we went to the zoo. Can you believe that it was 65 degrees in Chicago in November?!
Here is Kirsten loving on her cousin Emily at the zoo.
Her favorite animals were the penguins and of course the giraffes. My sister bought her a plastic giraffe that she named Sparkles, and she sleeps with it every night.

Coincidentally, Emily and Katie had matching outfits, so we could not resist dressing them up the same. They are 9 months to the day apart and I know they will grow up being the best of friends.
On Tuesday we went to the Field Museum of Natural History. We got to see Sue, the largest T-Rex ever found. They also had a Robo-Sue exhibit with Animatronic Dinosaurs. Kirsten loved it, Katie not so much. We spent most of our time at the museum looking at Dinosaurs and Kirsten telling me all about them. When were looking at Sue, she said:
"Mommy, I know why they call them Dinosaurs, because when they bite you, you get really sore." She is so funny! Where does she come up with this stuff?!
We loved seeing all of the animals from around the world. There were so many that I have never even heard of, much less seen.
It was a long day, and by the end of it, Katie and Emily were both asleep in their strollers, again. They were so patient with us all week!
Katie did equally well on the way home, even with a delay and plane change. Kirsten is such a pro when it comes to flying and was such a great helper and so patient with the delays.

We spent Wednesday through Friday in Oklahoma at my grandparent's farm. It was such a wonderful Thanksgiving, I always love being there. Jeremy drove up to Oklahoma to meet us, and boy were all 3 of his girls glad to see him. Of course, Katie screamed the entire way home in the car. She HATES being in the car and pretty much screams non-stop any time she is in it.

We had such a great vacation, but are so glad to be home. Now it is time to get ready for Christmas!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

Those pictures were so cute especially the one with Katie and Emily dressed up alike. I am hoping that Anne brings Emily to AZ for John's wedding so I can see her. Love, MOM