Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Time is Here By Golly!

The past week has been full of Christmas time fun with family and friends. We started by taking the girls to see Santa. We waited in virtual line and they sent a text message when it was our turn. Brilliant! Everyone was happy when they saw him for once. Katie did not even cry the way Kirsten did as a baby.

Monday night we went to the Alleman's for our annual Christmas dinner with the Ethertons. It is always a highlight of this time of year.

Monday night my brother also got married to the most amazing girl in the world. John and Sarah got married in Arizona and we could not make it, but we will definitely be there next year when they are sealed.

On Tuesday we had friends over to decorate sugar cookies.

Tuesday night we had all of Jeremy's family over for dinner and then we surprised Kacey with a cake for her and Tyler's 1 year anniversary. John and Sarah made it in a little later and it was great to be able to congratulate them as well.

Wednesday night we put a fire in the fireplace, made cinnamon rolls, and listened to Christmas Carols. It was a great family evening. I loved having all four of our stockings on the mantle.

On Christmas Eve we went to the Lenderman's house during the day. We enjoyed sandwiches while the kids serenaded us with their original compositions.

That night we went to the Alleman's again and were surprised to find Jason and Ellen had come in a few days early from Colorado. We enjoyed Enchiladas for dinner and I shared the Three Levels of Christmas with the family.

Kirsten loved dressing up as Mary again for the Christmas play and Katie was the angel.

Kirsten made sure to leave some of her special sugar cookies that she decorated for Santa, along with some milk.

She came bounding into our room on Christmas morning exclaiming "He came! He came! Did it snow?" She was devastated there was no snow, but she got over it once she saw all the presents under the tree.

We started the morning with our traditional breakfast of waffles with ice cream and strawberries.
I made the girls matching pajamas this year. Jeremy was thrilled that since we now have two kids, he was able to opt out of the matching pajama line up this year. I think they are cuter on my girls anyways.

Kirsten got a DS and several games. I cannot believe that she is old enough for something like that, but she loves it.
Katie got a purse from Santa and a tea set from her sister and some soft blocks from us.
Kirsten surprised Daddy with a model rocket. She came up with the idea on her own and can hardly wait to help him put it together and launch it with him.
Jeremy got me a snuggi and some fuzzy socks - he knows me well - and his parents got me the Stampin Up Digital studio. I have already started digitally scrapbooking and love it!

Jeremy's dad carved a wooden Santa for Kirsten that is holding a heart. She was so thrilled! She is definitely a Grandpa's Girl.
This was my Christmas present! Love you Katie!
We spent the rest of Christmas day at my dad's house. We enjoyed a wonderful turkey dinner that Patty made and they had their neighbor's, the Christensens, over as well.

Grandma and Grandpa Alleman gave the girls a giant castle tent. It takes up Kirsten's entire room, but she doesn't seem to mind.
They spent most of the morning in there playing together.
Today for church, the girls looked beautiful in their matching dresses and bows. It was difficult finding matching dresses in their sizes, but worth it.
We had such an amazing Christmas and are so thankful to have been able to spend it with so much family and so many friends. We are especially mindful of our Savior and his birth, but mostly his atoning sacrifice for us. We pray that His memory and spirit might be with all of you throughout the year to come.

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

I am glad that Katie was able to wear the pj's that I got for her. You will have to take a picture of them in the dresses that I got for them so I can see them. I miss you all. It was really lonely this Christmas, but it was good to see John, Sarah, Anne, Emily and Jenny on the Monday before. Love you, MOM