Friday, December 17, 2010

Jingle Bells

I thought for a moment today that my little Katie had captured the true meaning of Christmas as she lovingly adored the Baby Jesus from the Little People Nativity.
Then she ate it.
Kirsten got to see Santa at the Primary Activity on Thursday, but she was not very interested. We will try again at the mall this next week.
Today was Kirsten's Kindergarten Christmas Party. They made a Penguin thermometer magnet.
Ava's Grandma came and read them a story, and they had treats. It was so fun to be able to go and share it with her. And yes, she is wearing short sleeves on December 17th. I love Texas!
On a more serious note, my Grandpa Lowe is not doing well. He began bleeding internally yesterday morning as a result of his Chemotherapy and they rushed him to the hospital. He kept aspirating and his lungs were full of fluid. They drained his lungs and then he went into emergency surgery to remove a 5 foot section of his intestines that had died. They did not expect him to survive the surgery. He did, but he is in critical condition and not stable. He cannot breath on his own and his kidneys have stopped functioning. My sister Anne, as well as my dad and Patty were able to get last minute flights and head out last night to be there. I am heartbroken that I cannot be there by his side. We can't afford tickets for me and the girls, and Jeremy had surgery yesterday and cannot help me drive. So we are here, sitting by the phone, expecting the worst but praying for the best. I love my Grandpa so much and cannot imagine a world without him in it. I pray that the Lord's will be done and trust in the atonement of the Savior and the sealing ordinances of the temple that will enable me to be with him again in the eternities.

Here is a picture of Kirsten with my Grandpa when she was just 11 months old. Our love and prayers are with you.


Mom Alleman said...

A Blog mixed with Blessings and heartache. We are praying for Grandpa Lowe and for all of you and hope that the Lord will comfort all of you during this time. We love the Christmas pictures of the girls--and we love you guys!

Heather said...

We love Texas, too! Rebecca was dressed in short sleeves and a summer skirt today.
So sorry to hear your Grandpa is not doing well. We'll keep your family in our prayers.