Friday, December 3, 2010


The past week has been full of getting prepared for the Christmas Holidays. I spent most of the week working on Christmas Crafts, Christmas Stockings and presents.

I made this advent calendar out of a mini-muffin pan and various punches.
I also made a JOY banner just like the BOO banner I made for Halloween.
For Family Home Evening this week we put up the Christmas Tree. It feels so good to have the house decorated. We will hopefully get to the outside tomorrow morning.
Katie is completely mobile now and can get pretty much anywhere she wants to go by rolling, turning, and scooting. Her favorite place to hang out these days is under the Christmas Tree.
Katie is also eating rice, and oatmeal, drinking water from a cup, and will start veggies tomorrow, if I get them cooked. The other night, Jeremy was giving her a bottle and she kept reaching for it, so he let her have it. I could hardly believe it!
My girls are just getting so big. Every morning Kirsten asks if it is Christmas yet. I hope the advent calendar I mad will help her keep track. How are your Christmas preparations coming?


Mom Alleman said...

You are so talented Laura! It's fun to see all the beautiful decorations that you make for your home. I especially love seeing pictures of Kirsten and Katie and can't believe how much they are both growing and changing. Love you guys!

The Astounding Andersens said...

I LOVE the advent calandar you made!! You will have to show me how you made it when I see you in a couple of weeks! Y'all have such a beautiful family!! I love you!!

Janet Adams Starnes said...

Laura you are so crafty, you remind me of my mother! I hope Katie does not pull the tree down. She is growing day by day, thank you so much for updating your blog regularly. Love, MOM