Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Star Student

Last week Kirsten was chosen as the Star Student from her class.  I think she was literally bouncing when she came out of school on Friday with the news.  She spent all weekend decorating her poster to take to school
She was so excited to go to school on Monday and share her poster with her friends. 
 On Tuesday she got to take her favorite toy to share with her class.  She of course took Emily, her American Girl Doll.  She got her all dressed up for the occasion.
 Wednesday she was sick and unfortunately had to stay home from school.  On Thursday, she got to take her favorite book, Pinkalicious, with her to school to share with her class.

The best part was Good Morning Ogle on Friday morning.  Katie, me, Jeremy, and his mom were all able to come and cheer her on.
 She got to go up on the stage and do the Star Student cheer, and then dance to Toe-Knee-Chest-Nut -Nose-Eye-Love you.  (Tony Chestnut knows I love you!)  It was so cute, and she was not shy at all as she shook her stuff up there.
 Her Star
 On Saturday I used my very first ever Groupon to buy her a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  It was  decorated to say "Today you are the Center of Attention".
I hope that she felt special this week.  She is such a wonderful little girl and we are so proud of her!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

I am so proud of her also. Be sure to let her know that I think she is quite a Girl! Love, MOM/Grandma