Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The week that would never end...

This past week will go down in History as one of the longest ever.  Monday was normal enough, but then Tuesday morning we woke up to this...

That may look like snow, but it isn't.  It is a 3" sheet of ice covering everything.  So school, of course was cancelled.  Since it did not get above freezing, nothing melted and the entire city was at a standstill.  I saw videos of people ice skating in the streets.  School was canceled again on Wednesday, and Thursday and Jeremy worked from home.  No one walked out the front door of this house for 72 hours.  All things considered, we did pretty well, but we were definitely feeling like we were on top of each other in our little house.  Kirsten occupied herself by creating.  She went through 200 pieces of cardstock and 5 rolls of tape.  Here are a few of her creations.  She made a bird, nest and eggs.
She made a giant treasure map and then recreated it in our house.  We then spent two hours playing pirates over and over again with a twist each time.
We also set up her tent in her room and then she trashed her room thoroughly.  I didn't mind though, we just let her play to her heart's content.
We spent tons of time snuggling,
And even more time cuddling.
We even finished our Daisy Troop Flag.
Thursday night we managed to finally make it out of the house.  Our street was pretty scary, but once we got on the main roads, we could drive in the ruts that had been made by other tires.  We went to On The Border for dinner and then to Target for a few things we had run out of.  I am sure glad that we made it out, because Thursday night, it snowed.  The weather report said we should expect less than an inch.  When we woke up, we had actually gotten 7 inches, and it kept coming down all day, for a grand total of 9".  So that is 9 inches of snow, on top of 3 inches of ice.  School was cancelled again on Friday.
Friday afternoon, Kirsten announced that she was going to runaway.  She packed and everything.   What made me laugh is that she had packed paper, markers, glue sticks, tape, and 1 change of clothes in a shoe box.  She informed me that she was going to Michael's house and that his mommy could sew her more clothes when she got there.  Luckily, I convinced her to stay.  When Jeremy was done working that afternoon, they went out to play in the snow, which helped her mood.  They made snow angels, went sledding down our driveway, and played in the igloo someone had made at the end of our street.
That is about where the fun ended.  On Saturday morning, I thought I heard water running.  I could not find it anywhere inside, so Jeremy checked out back.  We had a waterfall coming out of the back of our house.  We had a pipe burst.  We got the water shut off, and our neighbor gave us the name of a plumber that used to work for his parents company.  So we had no water all day.  No showers, no flushing toilets, nothing.  Luckily we do have an emergency supply of water, so we could wash hands and had plenty to drink.  At 4:30 the plumber called and said he could not make it until Sunday.  So we packed up and headed to Jeremy's parents house for the night.  They were so gracious to let us in and we were so thankful to have running water!  Sunday morning, Jeremy met the plumber at the house.  It turns out that the pipe burst in 2 places.  They had to cut a hole in the back of the house to get to it.  It is fixed, and I am so grateful.  I kept having flash backs to my mission in Honduras every time I would try to turn the water on and nothing happened.  I will never take running water for granted.
In the midst of all of this, we finally got Katie's closet organized.  We had it all torn apart before the pipe burst, and still managed to get the shelves in on Saturday.  I think that she likes it.
Would you believe that school was canceled again today?!  We had another ice/snow storm last night.  Tomorrow there is a 2 hour delay, although I don't think it will make a difference since it is not going to get above freezing until Friday afternoon.  We are all starting to feel it now.  I absolutely love my family and have loved spending time with them, and I am also so grateful that Jeremy could be home with us too.  However, we are all ready to get out of this house.  Luckily, there is sunshine in the forecast.

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

It got down to -5 here last night with a wind chill of -20. We had another 5 inches of snow, so it is getting pretty deep, we have had 30.5" of snow during the past three weeks--but the forecast for next Wednesday is 60 degrees, so it may be all melted by the time you all get here, which I am sure you won't mind. I hope things get better for you all in Texas. I know Texas is not prepared for this type of weather. I am glad Kirsten is so creative--that really helps. I love you all, Love, MOM