Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break 2011

I was actually really worried about Spring Break this year.  How in the world was I supposed to entertain a five year old for an entire week who is accustomed to being at school all day?!  She had some moments of boredom, but overall, I think we did rather well.  

I tried to be prepared by having several crafts ready for her to do.  We built a foam jewelry box, colored wooden dolls, went through an entire package of card stock, and I even taught her how to needlepoint! - My Grandma Lowe would be so  proud!

On Monday we went to have lunch with Jeremy at work.  We had never seen the cafeteria at his office before and were able to see all of his co-workers again.  They loved being able to meet Katie, and Jeremy loved showing off his girls.

Tuesday we went to Frisco Commons Park with our mom's group.  We had a picnic lunch and played for awhile.  After that we went to pick up the bike trailer I found on Craigslist.  Now I can ride my bike to pick Kirsten up from school and throw both girls in the trailer.

On Wednesday we went to the park again with some friends.  I think that the entire neighborhood was there.  It was a blast.  Kirsten took her bike and just rode around in circles for an hour.  She taught her sister how to properly use a slide.
Katie spent most of the time on the swing.  I put her there because she kept trying to eat the woodchips!  Thank goodness she liked it.
Thursday was $2 day at the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville.  We picked up Colette and her 3 kids, all piled in our car, and made the hour drive up there.  It was a great little zoo.  We made it through in about 2 hours, which was perfect with 5 little kiddos!  There was also a great park across the street where we let the kids play for awhile.  Kirsten's favorite was the Giraffes - big surprise there - and they had an incredible African Savannah.  We will have to go back when it is less crowded to let her feed the Giraffe.  She would love that!
We were all a little sunburned and just took it easy on Friday and did some shopping at the Gap Outlet with my 30% off coupon.  That night we had a great time playing games with Zach and Allison. They were even super patient in letting Kirsten play with us - thanks guys!

Saturday we were finally able to find an Easter Dress for Kirsten.  It is way harder than it should be.  We also bought the wood flooring to put down in our living room.

That is about it.  I wish I had taken more pictures, but I am personally just glad that we survived!  

By the way, they just showed up to put in our new carpet!! I am so excited!!!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

Sounds like you had fun on your Spring Break. That bike trailer sounds very nice. I wish they had had something like that when you were little. I used to ride my bike when Anne was little. I had a baby seat on the back, but when I had two I could not do that anymore and got out of the habit. Good job Laura!