Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ten Months

Katie is Ten Months Old Today!!!
I honestly cannot believe how much she has grown up this month.  She is becoming such an independent little girl.  She loves to feed herself and is starting to eat what we do for dinner.  Her favorites so far are enchiladas, mac 'n cheese, and spaghetti.  She is vocalizing more everyday and today pointed at a picture of Kirsten and said "Kay".  Kirsten was thrilled to say the least!

On Sunday Katie took her first steps.  What a treat that my mom was able to see them.  She is walking a little bit more each day.  She loves her sister most of all and follows her around everywhere.  She still has six teeth, but I am pretty sure she is working on her molars.  She insists on being let out of the baby area at the gym daycare and loves to play with the bigger kids.  We love our Katie so much!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You've had a birthday, shout Hooray!

I almost forgot that Jeremy and I both celebrated our birthdays last week.  On thursday, Kirsten made me scrambled eggs for breakfast and Jeremy surprised me with a new bike.  I had forgotten how much I loved to ride.  My visiting teachers brought me yellow tulips and my in-laws came over that night to wish us Happy Birthdays.

Friday morning, Kirsten helped me make waffles for Jeremy.  I made cupcakes for him to take to work and we took him out to dinner that night at La Hacienda Ranch.  I spoiled Jeremy with a new grill and Kirsten and Katie gave him a Willow Tree carving of a dad with two daughters called "My Girls".  It is beautiful!

I love that our birthdays are back to back.  We have a 48 hour party every year!

Easter Weekend

For Easter this year, we made a quick trip up to Oklahoma to see my mom and grandparents.  We were going to leave Friday after work, but had to delay our departure until Saturday morning because of severe weather.  Both girls were great on the trip.  It is such a relief that Katie has out grown her phase of screaming non-stop in the car.  Kirsten was a huge help with her sister, but did not like that Katie kept trying to take the DVD player from her.  We will have to figure something else out for our trip this summer.

Kirsten, my mom, and I spent Saturday afternoon at the University of Oklahoma Natural History Museum.  Kirsten loved that over half of the museum was dinosaurs.  They have the largest in-tact dinosaur fossil in the world.  You can even ride a glass elevator that goes right up to his face.  It was pretty cool to be eye to eye with a dinosaur.
Saturday night, most of my mom's family came out to the farm for an early Easter dinner. We loved visiting with everyone. Kirsten also helped my mom decorate the Easter Eggs.

Sunday morning Kirsten and Katie loved getting their Easter Baskets.
We headed to church with my Grandma and then had lunch.  We headed home after that, and actually made it back in time to have Easter dinner Sunday night with Jeremy's family.  I was pretty excited that we could make it to both.

Here are some pictures that I took of Kirsten and Katie in their Easter Dresses.  Kirsten loves posing, and Katie loves lunging for the camera.  I did manage to finally get a few good pictures.

Happy Easter everyone!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

This weekend we had our annual Rockin Ranch Moms Easter Egg Hunt.  This is the 4th year that we have done it, and it is definitely a highlight of my spring each year.  It was especially fun watching Katie participate in her first Easter Egg Hunt.  It took her awhile to figure out what to do with the eggs, but she eventually started crawling around, would pick up an egg, shake it, taste it, then put it in her basket.  It was SO CUTE!!!
 She had even more fun when her sister came over to help her.
 Kirsten moved up into the school-aged group this year.  That was hard to admit.  She loves being with the big kids though and ran around like crazy collecting her eggs.
 Thank goodness Katie was content hanging out in her stroller while I helped with the raffles.
 We even had two bounce houses this year, which the kids loved, of course.  I am still not sure why a bounce house is more fun than our trampoline, but oh well.  The best part is the potluck afterwards.  As organizers, we grill hamburgers and hotdogs for everyone and then everyone else brings sides.  The sun was bright, but it was still great.
I love that almost everyone in our group comes out for this every year.  We had over 150 people there!  It was so good for me to be out and to catch up with friends after a few weeks of not really leaving the house.  I know I have said this before, and I will say it a thousand times again, I LOVE my neighborhood, I LOVE our mom's group, and I LOVE that I am surrounded by so many wonderful friends!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time for an update

I feel like I am slowly coming back to the land of the living.  Jeremy went back to work on this past Wednesday after being home with for two weeks.  It was so wonderful having him home.  I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who was willing to sacrifice so much and take care of me and our girls after my surgery.  The first full day he was home with the girls, he crashed on our bed at 8:15 and said "that is exhausting!  How do you do it everyday?!"  I think he has a new understanding of what goes on here while he is gone!  

While Jeremy was home, Katie got her first spaghetti dinner.  I am not really sure how much she actually ate, but she sure loved playing in it!
 We also found matching pajamas for the girls.  I love how much they love each other. Kirsten would love on Katie all day if she could.  Katie loves to crawl into Kirsten's room and be in there while she plays.
 On Wednesday, not only was I home alone for the first day, we also had Girl Scouts at my house.  They earned their baking badge.  We made daisy cookies and cookie sandwiches.  They also had fun jumping on the trampoline and playing on our fort while the cookies baked.
 On Friday night we went to the Daisy end of the year party for our entire Service Unit.  It was a Fancy Nancy Pajama Party.  They got to dress up "fancy", make magic wands, play Fancy Nancy Bingo, make ice cream sundaes and get manicures.
 There was also a Pajama Fashion show.  Each girl got to go up on stage individually and then some Brownie Girl Scouts came and were the Paparazzi.  It was so fun watching Kirsten strut her stuff!
 The seven girls from our troop that came.
 Kirsten and Keeton enjoying their ice cream sundaes.  They were getting so tired - it was past bedtime by about an hour!
 Today Kirsten went to a gymnastics birthday party and then a pajama birthday party.  She is definitely partied out this weekend.

We also went and got Jeremy's birthday present today.  I know it is a week early, but I wanted to let him pick it out.  I think he loves his new grill and we can hardly wait to fire it up!

We also finally got our carpet replaced.  I absolutely love it.  I think that it also looks great with the tile.
Jeremy also tiled our hall bathroom and is going to put wood down in our living room.  It is in the garage, we are just waiting for a weekend that is not jam packed with parties and trips to be able to lay it down.

Kirsten is doing so well at school.  She is able to read just about anything now.  I love that she can take a turn with our scripture reading now and hardly needs any help.  I woke up this morning and found her reading to Katie in her room.  Katie had the biggest smile on her face.  She amazes me with the things she learns.  In the bathtub tonight she showed me with a cup and her duck that she is learning about volume and water displacement.  She also surprised us the other night by picking up a can and saying "this is a cylinder."  I said what?  And she replied "you know, a cylinder, a three-dimensional geometric object."  She blew me away.  I asked if she was learning about that in school and she informed me that was last week.  This week they were working on area.  She is also getting ready for their program in May.  They are putting on the Three Piggy Opera.  I love listening to her sing and practice her songs.

Katie is growing like a weed.  On Wednesday she starting clapping.  It is unbelievably adorable.  The cutest thing is that she starts clapping whenever Kirsten starts singing.  I love it!  She is walking along the furniture and walks all over pushing her stroller, and is getting really fast.  She is starting to move between two things and lets go and tries to take steps.  She loves to give kisses and giggles all the time.  She insists on having her own book out anytime we read.  She is also a daddy's girl.  It probably has something to do with him being here for two weeks with her. She will seriously be in my arms and cry because he leaves the room.  I guess that is what I get for having the most amazing husband ever.

Jeremy and I were both recently called as Ward Missionaries at Church.  It is a great calling for us.  We have been asked to teach the Gospel Essentials Class together.  So we are trading off weeks teaching and watching Katie.  I look forward to feeling better in the next few weeks and being able to help the missionaries more.

By the way, we got our second Bountiful Basket today.  I love it! We only had to buy bananas and a bell pepper at the store tonight.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bountiful Baskets

We got our first ever Bountiful Basket today. I have to say that I am thrilled and hooked!  We got all of this produce for $16.50!  
Now I have just two dilemas.  Trying to figure out what to do with that much zucchini, and deciding if we are going to get a basket every week or every other week. Interested in joining in on the fun?  Check out   I checked, and they have locations in Provo, Rexburg and Denver!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sing It, Baby!

Tonight for Family Home Evening, it was Kirsten's turn to choose the activity.  She wanted to play Disney Sing It on the Wii.  We got out both microphones because Katie insisted on joining in on the fun.  Both girls sang their little hearts out for about an hour.  Love it!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Conference Weekend

I look forward every year to General Conference Weekend.  For those of you who do not know what that is,  the first weekend of October and April, our church has what we call General Conference.  There are six sessions, one the week before for the women, then two on Saturday for everyone, one Saturday night for just the men and then two on Sunday for everyone.  Our church leaders speak to us from Salt Lake and it is broadcast all over the world in hundreds of languages.  I love hearing the messages from our leaders and our beloved Prophet.  It is also nice to watch church in your pj's on tv twice a year!

With kids, it is hard to be able to watch every session, so we usually just get the Sunday morning one.  But with me having had surgery this week and not really able to do anything, I thought we would try.  And wouldn't you know, we did it! We watched every single session of conference!  After the second one ended on Saturday Kirsten said "another one, another one!"  She was disappointed that she had to wait until Sunday.  

Somehow Jeremy and Kirsten even managed to get our garden planted in between session on Saturday.  They planted tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos, cilantro, green onions, lettuce, carrots, watermelon and zucchini.  He is truly amazing!

Jeremy even made it to the Priesthood Session Saturday night at the Stake Center.  I still cannot lift Katie, so my dad and Patty came over to help me with the girls.  Kirsten loved having Grandma give her a bath, and they helped me get the girls to bed.  Thank you so much!!!

Of course, the girls did not sit perfectly still, but they were surprisingly good.  

Katie loved sitting on her piano while she listened.
 She would get SO EXCITED every time the Tabernacle Choir would sing.  She would stop whatever she was doing and crawl right up to the tv.
 Sometimes she sang along, and other times, she just listened, but she loved the music most of all.
 Kirsten learned that she can actually play Little People with her sissy.  She would get frustrated sometimes when Katie did not play "her way" but we are working on that one.
This is how Katie prefers to drink her bottles these days. (Makes me kind of glad we stopped nursing this week!)
 In between sessions today, Kirsten and I gave each other pedicures.  I think she did pretty good for her first time.
 Kirsten and Katie both spend a lot time sitting on top of daddy.
 And Katie spent even more time climbing on top of Kirsten.  I never thought we would be having wrestling matches with two little girls, but they love it.
I am so grateful for this wonderful weekend.  I especially loved Elder Scott's message about Marriage.  I loved his tender sweet memories of his wife.  I am so grateful for my amazing husband who always puts us first.  He is being especially wonderful right now while I cannot do much.

After conference ended tonight, I asked Kirsten what she learned.  She told me "The Holy Ghost told my heart that it was all true."  So I guess she did pay attention some!

I can hardly wait to get the printed copy of all the talks so that I can study them more in depth.  I am so thankful to a merciful Heavenly Father for allowing me to be spiritually re-charged this weekend.