Sunday, April 3, 2011

Conference Weekend

I look forward every year to General Conference Weekend.  For those of you who do not know what that is,  the first weekend of October and April, our church has what we call General Conference.  There are six sessions, one the week before for the women, then two on Saturday for everyone, one Saturday night for just the men and then two on Sunday for everyone.  Our church leaders speak to us from Salt Lake and it is broadcast all over the world in hundreds of languages.  I love hearing the messages from our leaders and our beloved Prophet.  It is also nice to watch church in your pj's on tv twice a year!

With kids, it is hard to be able to watch every session, so we usually just get the Sunday morning one.  But with me having had surgery this week and not really able to do anything, I thought we would try.  And wouldn't you know, we did it! We watched every single session of conference!  After the second one ended on Saturday Kirsten said "another one, another one!"  She was disappointed that she had to wait until Sunday.  

Somehow Jeremy and Kirsten even managed to get our garden planted in between session on Saturday.  They planted tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos, cilantro, green onions, lettuce, carrots, watermelon and zucchini.  He is truly amazing!

Jeremy even made it to the Priesthood Session Saturday night at the Stake Center.  I still cannot lift Katie, so my dad and Patty came over to help me with the girls.  Kirsten loved having Grandma give her a bath, and they helped me get the girls to bed.  Thank you so much!!!

Of course, the girls did not sit perfectly still, but they were surprisingly good.  

Katie loved sitting on her piano while she listened.
 She would get SO EXCITED every time the Tabernacle Choir would sing.  She would stop whatever she was doing and crawl right up to the tv.
 Sometimes she sang along, and other times, she just listened, but she loved the music most of all.
 Kirsten learned that she can actually play Little People with her sissy.  She would get frustrated sometimes when Katie did not play "her way" but we are working on that one.
This is how Katie prefers to drink her bottles these days. (Makes me kind of glad we stopped nursing this week!)
 In between sessions today, Kirsten and I gave each other pedicures.  I think she did pretty good for her first time.
 Kirsten and Katie both spend a lot time sitting on top of daddy.
 And Katie spent even more time climbing on top of Kirsten.  I never thought we would be having wrestling matches with two little girls, but they love it.
I am so grateful for this wonderful weekend.  I especially loved Elder Scott's message about Marriage.  I loved his tender sweet memories of his wife.  I am so grateful for my amazing husband who always puts us first.  He is being especially wonderful right now while I cannot do much.

After conference ended tonight, I asked Kirsten what she learned.  She told me "The Holy Ghost told my heart that it was all true."  So I guess she did pay attention some!

I can hardly wait to get the printed copy of all the talks so that I can study them more in depth.  I am so thankful to a merciful Heavenly Father for allowing me to be spiritually re-charged this weekend.


Janet Adams Starnes said...

Laura thank you so much for posting pictures each week. I miss them so much, but it sure helps to see pictures of them as they grow. I loved Conference today, especially Elder Scott's talk also. I hope your sister Anne was watching it and took it to heart. I hope your acid reflux gets better. Did you have Jeremy give you another blessing to help with that? Love, MOM

The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

thanks for the post, glad Katie and Kirsten enjoyed conference. I didn't know they liked to wrestle, i thought it was just a boy thing, jordon wrestles david alot. hope you start feeling better soon. (when did you stop nursing?)