Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

For Easter this year, we made a quick trip up to Oklahoma to see my mom and grandparents.  We were going to leave Friday after work, but had to delay our departure until Saturday morning because of severe weather.  Both girls were great on the trip.  It is such a relief that Katie has out grown her phase of screaming non-stop in the car.  Kirsten was a huge help with her sister, but did not like that Katie kept trying to take the DVD player from her.  We will have to figure something else out for our trip this summer.

Kirsten, my mom, and I spent Saturday afternoon at the University of Oklahoma Natural History Museum.  Kirsten loved that over half of the museum was dinosaurs.  They have the largest in-tact dinosaur fossil in the world.  You can even ride a glass elevator that goes right up to his face.  It was pretty cool to be eye to eye with a dinosaur.
Saturday night, most of my mom's family came out to the farm for an early Easter dinner. We loved visiting with everyone. Kirsten also helped my mom decorate the Easter Eggs.

Sunday morning Kirsten and Katie loved getting their Easter Baskets.
We headed to church with my Grandma and then had lunch.  We headed home after that, and actually made it back in time to have Easter dinner Sunday night with Jeremy's family.  I was pretty excited that we could make it to both.

Here are some pictures that I took of Kirsten and Katie in their Easter Dresses.  Kirsten loves posing, and Katie loves lunging for the camera.  I did manage to finally get a few good pictures.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Ellen and Jason said...

What cute pictures! Your girls are adorable. When Gavin saw them he said "Kirsten a princess!" :o)