Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Year

Katie is one year old today!
 She has gotten so big this month.  She weighed in at 24lbs 11oz (93%) at the doctor today and is 30 inches tall (79%).  She is starting to try to run, talking more and more and actually answers our questions some times.  She is always quick to smile and prefers to be in the pool whenever possible.  She is truly the joy of our lives.

We had her birthday party last night at the park.  The kids brought scooters and bikes, played on the play equipment and played with sidewalk chalk.
 She was so lucky to have all six of her grandparents there, two aunts, and five cousins, as well as a ton of friends.  She is such a loved little girl.
 It was super hot, but Katie was a huge trooper.
 She loved her cupcakes and presents.  She got tons of clothes, books, some shoes and toys.  We got her a water table for the backyard, which she already loves.

 Happy Birthday Katie!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dance Recital

On Saturday June 11th, Kirsten had her dance recital.  It was her first recital with The Dance Movement and it was at the Eismann Center in Richardson.  It is a huge performance hall and Kirsten was the first one on stage in her class.  I was worried she would be nervous, but she just ran straight out each time.  She has matured so much this year as a dancer.  It was so thrilling to see her recital.

Here she is in the dressing room before her performance.
We absolutely loved her teacher, Ms Linda, this year.  She is seriously the most amazing dance teacher I have ever come across.  The moms affectionately call her the Mary Poppins of dance teachers.  She is not coming back next year, and we will greatly miss her.
After the recital

We had such a great group of family come out to support our dancer.  My dad and Patty, my niece Kaley, Zach and Alison, Jeremy's dad and sister Megan.  She was so thrilled to have so many people there that love her.

I was able to tape the dress rehearsal.  It is not the best recording, the DVD should be here soon, but you can  get a glimpse at least.  She is the very first person out onto the stage in the front row.


"Car Hops"


Our good friends, the Cochrans, invited us to go to the zoo with them on TI day.  Since we were last there, they have opened a new area called Giants of the Savannah.  The have an area where you can feed the Giraffes, and as anyone who knows Kirsten knows, she is completely in love with Giraffes.  So of course we had to pay the $5 to let her do it.  I think she was in heaven.
 The only better part was when one walked up to her and let her pet his nose.  I did it too, because honestly, when else would you get pet a giraffe?!
 We let Katie have a turn feed one, but she did not like it quite so much.  As soon as it took the lettuce, she began shrieking.
 There is also a new huge elephant exhibit.
We had such a great time and all the kids were such troopers with the heat.  Thanks Liz and Rick for inviting us!

Memorial Day Camping Trip

I know that I am a little behind and feel like I am playing catch-up with the blog.  No one else may care to read these, but since I mainly keep the blog to print into yearly books for my family history, I am going to catch up. 

Over Memorial Day weekend, we decided to take a camping trip.  We headed out Friday after work to Fairfield Lake State Park, about 2 hours south of here.  It was a beautifully wooded area, and the campsites felt very private because of it.  It seemed as if we were the only ones tent camping, everyone else had campers, so we practically had the bathrooms to ourselves.  Katie loved to play in the dirt/sticks/leaves whenever we would put her down.  
As a result, she spent most of our time there in her playpen, which did not make her very happy.
The first night, our air mattress sprung a leak.  It was not a good night.  We headed into Palestine on Saturday and bought a new one at the Walmart.  Then we headed over to the Texas State Railroad Depot.  They were having a huge military event for Memorial day.  It included helicopter rides, but at $80 a person, we just opted for a picture.
There was also a train that took us for a 30 minute ride where we got to watch a World War 2 battle re-enactment and then ride the train back.  It was a really great experience for the kids.
Kirsten loved seeing all of the old Army jeeps and tanks, as well as the Civil War re-enactments.
Somehow, we kept finding ourselves back at the train.
The girls were fascinated by the fire that daddy built and we even cooked tin foil dinners over the fire.  We got hungry and impatient though, and cooked our smores before dinner.
There was also a beautiful lake with a beach.  The lake is used to cool a power plant so it was really warm.  We had a ton of fun swimming in it.  When we got back to the campsite, Kirsten insisted on taking a shower because she had fish pee in her hair.  I guess that technically she was right.
We spent the rest of the weekend playing on the playground and hiking.  We had such a great time, but three nights was admittedly a little much for Katie.  We will have to either shorten the next trip or wait until she is a little older.  Regardless of the heat and exhaustion, we still had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed some much needed family time away.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Backyard Beach

We had a backyard beach party with some friends today.  It was great being able to have friends over and let the kids splash around.  We had out the double slip'n slide so they could have races.
 I had no idea so many kids could fit in such a tiny pool.  Of course it was the only spot of shade.
Katie especially enjoyed playing with her best friends Abigail and Zoe.
 Everyone was sure to get a turn on the swings and the trampoline.  They even played Rapunzel on the fort.
 Tania brought over a cookie cake to share.  Katie started grabbing handfuls of the icing and began fingerpainting the picnic table and her entire body with red and yellow icing.  It was so fun!  We had to hose her, the table and the patio down when she was finished.
I love summer and love having friends over.  Thank you everyone for coming!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End of Kindergarten

It was only 9 months ago that I could not believe that Kirsten was starting Kindergarten.  Now I cannot believe that she has finished.
Here we are on her first day...
And here we are on her last.
I cannot believe how much she has learned and grown this year.  She has gone from being my little girl to my big girl.  She is reading, writing stories, doing math and so many other things.  She has learned how to deal with different types of people, different teachers, and has made many new friends.  
This is her best friend, Azalea
On Thursday, June 2nd, was her class party.  I had a babysitter come stay with Katie so that I could focus on Kirsten.  They had an ice cream sundae bar and played BINGO.
We have all loved her teacher, Mrs Rolfe.  She has taught my precious angel so many things that I never could have.  We will always hold her dear to our hearts.
It was difficult to send her off to school on Friday morning.  She cried for several hours on Thursday night, and again in the morning.  She really is such a sensitive little girl.  Finally, we were out the door.
They had a little graduation ceremony in her classroom.  Her teacher put together a sweet video of the school year, which we all cried at, again.  Mrs Rolfe gave each of the kids a certificate, a sweet letter, a copy of the class video, and a bag of goodies.
Grandma Alleman was able to come up and share this special day with Kirsten.  Her face lit up when she saw Grandma come in.  We were able to take her home with us early, so grandma took us out to Chick-fil-a to celebrate.
It has been an eventful year, one full of ups and downs, friends, boyfriends, bffs, and frenemies.  Questions about Justin Bieber and singing Katy Perry songs.  I guess I no longer have exclusive control over what she is exposed to.  I am so proud of her as she learns to surround herself with good kids.  These are the friendships I hope will last a lifetime.
Now to figure out how to fill three months of summer....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eleven Months

Katie is Eleven Months Old!!!!
She turned 11 months old on Saturday.  We were camping, so I did not get to post.  She has grown so much this month!  She is walking now and has not crawled at all for two weeks!  She has a matched set of 8 teeth (4 on top, 4 on bottom) and has a ton of hair.  She is even starting to talk some.  She answers our questions with "yah" and "no", says mama, dada, kir (for Kirsten), baba (for bottle), didi when she needs a diaper change, and her newest "foo"  when she is hungry.  She is all smiles and giggles - as long as she is fed and rested, that is!  She loves to swim and protests violently anytime we leave the pool.  We love our Katie so much!