Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Year

Katie is one year old today!
 She has gotten so big this month.  She weighed in at 24lbs 11oz (93%) at the doctor today and is 30 inches tall (79%).  She is starting to try to run, talking more and more and actually answers our questions some times.  She is always quick to smile and prefers to be in the pool whenever possible.  She is truly the joy of our lives.

We had her birthday party last night at the park.  The kids brought scooters and bikes, played on the play equipment and played with sidewalk chalk.
 She was so lucky to have all six of her grandparents there, two aunts, and five cousins, as well as a ton of friends.  She is such a loved little girl.
 It was super hot, but Katie was a huge trooper.
 She loved her cupcakes and presents.  She got tons of clothes, books, some shoes and toys.  We got her a water table for the backyard, which she already loves.

 Happy Birthday Katie!


The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

i hope she feels spoiled, it was great to be there to celebrate her first birthday! she is quite the cute girl! Happy Birthday Katie

Janet Adams Starnes said...

I am so glad we were able to be there to help celebrate Katie's first birthday and see everyone. Katie and Kirsten are both wonderful daughters and granddaughters. Love you all, MOM