Sunday, June 19, 2011


Our good friends, the Cochrans, invited us to go to the zoo with them on TI day.  Since we were last there, they have opened a new area called Giants of the Savannah.  The have an area where you can feed the Giraffes, and as anyone who knows Kirsten knows, she is completely in love with Giraffes.  So of course we had to pay the $5 to let her do it.  I think she was in heaven.
 The only better part was when one walked up to her and let her pet his nose.  I did it too, because honestly, when else would you get pet a giraffe?!
 We let Katie have a turn feed one, but she did not like it quite so much.  As soon as it took the lettuce, she began shrieking.
 There is also a new huge elephant exhibit.
We had such a great time and all the kids were such troopers with the heat.  Thanks Liz and Rick for inviting us!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

Kirsten still loves Giraffe's. Looks like Katie is not quite into animals yet--give her time. Love, MOM