Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Visits

The past month has been a fun, but busy one.  We had my niece Kaley here for 3 weeks, then her sister, Sarah joined us for two weeks, followed by her mom and Emily for 1 week.  My mom and Clinton also came for 4 days for Katie's birthday.  I have been playing catch-up all week, and my house still looks like a torpedo hit. 

We were able to get tickets to see the 11 Stake Youth Jubilee.  It was absolutely amazing.  Afterwards, we all went to dinner at La Hacienda Ranch.  Kirsten challenged Grandpa to a game of checkers while we waited for our table.
 Sarah, Emily, Kaley, Me and Patty waiting for our table.
 Kirsten and Katie loved playing with their cousins.  They have had a rough week adjusting to them being gone.  Sarah loved to play with Katie.
 I think that Katie loved having Emily in the carseat next to her .  They would hold hands and steal toys from each other everywhere we went.
 Katie got a water table for her birthday, and everyone had a ton of fun playing with it.
 We also took a trip to the Heard Museum.  There was an amazing bat exhibit inside, but most of the stuff was outside and it was super hot.  Here is Anne, Emily and Kaley on the trail.
 Emily kissing Katie in the bat exhibit.
Katie, Kirsten and Emily in the Butterfly Exhibit
 Jeremy was a little more out numbered than his usual 3 to 1, at 7 to 1, but he took it in stride. (We have a lot of girls in my family)  I think he secretly enjoyed having so many little girls to dote on.
It has been a busy summer already, and I feel like we are just getting started!

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Mom Alleman said...

There are so many girls in your family! Jeremy was definitely out numbered--but he didn't seem to mind! Love you guys!