Monday, August 22, 2011

First of First

Today was Kirsten's first day of first grade.  She very carefully picked out her outfit two months ago and had it in a special place in her closet.  Last week we finally found the perfect shoes, last night she very meticulously explained to me how she wanted her hair fixed, and this morning she added the necklace.  I cannot believe how independent and grown up she is getting.  She is in the same pod as last year, but on the other side.  
 Her teacher this year is Mrs Bolling.  All of my friends with older kids light up when I tell them that Kirsten has her and insist that she is their favorite teacher at the whole school.  Kirsten is already completely in love with her after just one day.
 I think that her favorite part is actually having her own desk this year. She is so excited that she can put her pencil box in it and have her own supplies.  I guess that is just one more step to growing up.
 After dropping her off, I headed over to Vicki's house for a "Cheers and Tears Brunch".  Katie jumped right in and wanted to play with the big kids and I loved seeing so many friends that I missed over the summer.

When we got home, it sunk in that it was just Katie and me for the day.  For the past year she has just basically been my "plus 1" or my a tag-a-long for whatever Kirsten did.  She is now getting to where she wants to get out and go places and be entertained.  I know that I used to know what toddlers liked to do, but I am having major mental blocks now.  I will have to figure out some new activities for us to stay busy during those long school hours without Kirsten.

After school Kirsten came walking out with Michael, of course.  As soon as she saw her sister, she took off running and hugged her.  I wish I had that on video.  I could tell that Kirsten missed Katie as much as Katie missed her.  Even though it was 106 degrees outside, we still headed over to Sonic with friends for happy hour drinks.
Katie, Kirsten, Michael, Rachael
 Koral, Kenna and Kirsten
Once we got home, Kirsten went into hyper-drive.  She made her bed, cleaned her room, practiced her violin, the piano, read for 30 minutes, set the table for dinner, had a bath, family home evening, put curlers in her hair, played Monopoly and was still in bed by 8.  This is a girl that thrives on schedule - she must take after her momma.  Overall, I think I will declare day one a success.  We will see how Katie does when mommy goes back to work tomorrow.

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

I am so glad that Kirsten likes school and that she has a lot of friends, I am so happy for her.

Love, MOM