Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday Kirsten, Dear

I am in complete and total denial. There is NO WAY that I have a six year old.  Kirsten would beg to differ though.  When she woke up Thursday morning she declared "I am six, so now I look like I am nine."  What?! Just be six for a while.  She is such a wonderful little girl and we tried hard to spoil her for her birthday.  Jeremy got up really early and made her banana pancakes before he went to work.
 Thursday night we had her family party.  We had my dad and Patty, Jeremy's mom, dad, sister Megan, Zach and Allison, and the Lendermans (they are family too, right?)  She received so many wonderful presents, but I think her favorite had to be the electric snow cone maker.  It has already had a ton of use. She is also very anxious to start using her Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Junior and to get some new books with her Barnes and Noble gift card.
 She designed her cake and helped me decorate it.  She is such a talented girl!
 On Friday we had 8 little girls over for a Tinker Bell Pajama Party.  We started with pizza for dinner.
 Then spent about an hour playing Disney Sing It.  They loved singing and dancing.  They even let Katie get in on the action!
 I gave all 8 girls makeovers ~ I painted nails, fixed hair and put on make-up.  Don't they look beautiful?!
 We had cupcakes this time, and it was interesting getting six candles into one, but she insisted.
 Katie had fun finger painting with the pink frosting.  The older girls thought she was hilarious.
 After cake, we pulled out blankets and pillows and snuggled in to watch Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure.
The night ended with a rousing game of limbo.  
 We had such a wonderful time.  Thank you everyone for helping make this a special birthday for Kirsten.  We love you so much!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

It looks like all the girls had a blast for Kirsten's birthday party. That was a good idea! Love you all lots, MOM