Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Cleaning

Life since we got back from our trip has seemed like a constant game of catch up.  I finally decided I was sick of my house being trashed and I was going to clean, like really, really clean this week.  So far I have cleaned our room, Katie's room, the living room and both bathrooms.  I have emptied, organized moved furniture, dusted, scrubbed, vacumned, shampooed, mopped ect.  You get the idea.  Only Kirsten's room, the kitchen and dining room to go.  I have to say that it is therapeutic for me.  I never got around to spring cleaning, so I guess that this is summer cleaning.

Other than that, I have been trying to enjoy my girls.  On Saturday I spent 6 hours out with Kirsten.  We went school supply shopping, school clothes shopping, and got her hair cut.  She is developing some definite tastes in clothes and hair styles and it took a lot longer than usual.  We had a blast though and I loved spending time with my little angel.  

I am saving most of her new clothes for her birthday this week - that is all she wanted anyways, but I let her wear her new church dress this Sunday.
 Here is a close up of her hair.
 Can you believe how grown up she looks?!  She really does seem like she is ready to be six years old and in first grade.  Less than three weeks to go!

Katie is developing more and more personality and is such a hoot.  Whenever she does something funny or new she turns and looks at us and claps!  She climbs on everything she can get on.  When she gets hungry, she will go to the pantry and grab some food, then climb into her high chair.  So cute!  One of her favorite things to do is sit in her rocking chair in her room. She was so proud of her self for getting in it alone.
 In the past few weeks she has started loving to carry around her baby dolls.  Now she likes to rock them in her chair and sing to them.
 She also positioned her chair next to her bookcase and sits in her chair and flips through books.
When she gets tired and is ready for bed she gets a book and her blanket and climbs into the big rocking chair.  She is definitely a smart one.

On a side note, I hit 50 lbs this week.  I can hardly believe that in just 4 months I am half way to my weight loss goal.  I guess Kirsten overheard me telling Jeremy, because she told a friend of ours today "my mommy is half way to being healthy, then she can play with me more."  That girl doesn't miss a beat!

I love these little girls so much.  They are truly the light of my life.


Janet Adams Starnes said...

You are looking great Laura and I love Kirsten's new haircut. Love, MOM

Mom Alleman said...

We love Kirsten and Katie too--what beautiful girls! And we have enjoyed spending time with you guys this week! We love you guys!