Friday, September 30, 2011

Arizona and Idaho

If you have not noticed, the past month has been completely insanely busy.  I have not blogged in almost a month and am completely playing catch up now.  

After my grandfather's funeral, I had a wonderful visit with my family.  We spent some time at Christine and Steve's house and went to a wonderful barbeque dinner.  Verlanne and Johnny were sad that I did not bring Kirsten, but it was great to see them anyways.
 Grandma Lowe, Aunt Marilyn, Jennifer, John
 My brother taught us how to eat Cholla Cactus.  He learned last year in SERE training.

 It was one of the most interesting things I have ever eaten, and I will probably never eat it again, but it was fun!  On Friday night I shared a hotel with my sister we stayed up most of the night talking.  I was exhausted from having been up 28 hours, but it was the most time I have spent with Jennifer in over ten years.  We both flew out on Saturday morning, and I headed to SLC and rented a car to drive to Idaho to see Kacey.  She just had her baby Leah, and I was so thrilled to be able to go and help her for a few days.  We tried to find time each day to go for a walk.  There are beautiful gardens on campus at BYU Idaho, and we loved walking around them.
The beautiful new mama!
 Me and Leah
She is such a sweet, precious baby.  I am excited to see her again next week when they come here.  I love Kacey and Leah so much!

I left Idaho after dinner on Tuesday and spent the night in Bountiful with my cousin, Stephanie.  She is getting married in December and so we had a ton of fun talking about wedding plans.  On Wednesday morning I got up early and went to the Salt Lake Temple and spent some time on Temple Square before catching my plane home.  It was so great to see my girls and Jeremy again.  Katie was mad at me and screamed when she saw me, she would not let me near her.  All was forgiven the next morning and I loved snuggling my baby girl again.  I am so grateful for my husband and mother-in-law for taking care of my precious girls so I could go.

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