Friday, September 30, 2011

Camp Bette Perot

This past weekend, Kirsten and I went to Girl Scout Camp at Camp Bette Perot!  I was so thrilled to be able to go with her this time.  From our troop it was just Kirsten and me, and Keeton and her mom, Misti.  We were actually the only two Daisy Scouts from the entire Service Unit that went to camp this year.    They put us in the lodge with two other troops.  The Brownie troop took right to our girls and included them in everything.
 We combined with two other troops from our school for the majority of our activities.  We made all of us matching tie-dye shirts, and just about all of us braided our hair too.  It made it easy to keep track of so many little ones.
 Kirsten took this picture for me of some of the leaders from our group.
 We started off Saturday by hiking - a lot.  I think we logged almost 10 miles total over the weekend.
 We got lost at one point, but don't tell the girls that.  They thought we found the pasture and horses on purpose!
 We let the girls rest a little before lunch and do some leaf and bark rubbings.
 Then they made some huge posters.  Bailey is in third grade, but just loved Kirsten and Keeton, and took it upon herself to make sure they were included and having fun the whole weekend.
 We had to provide our own breakfast, but they had lunch and dinner for us in the dinning hall.
 Kirsten and Keeton with the Girl Scout Emblem.
 After lunch, our troop split off for the afternoon and went horseback riding.  Since our girls are Daisies, we had to start in the Round Pen.  Kirsten's horse was named Belle!
 They let them out after awhile to go for a short trail ride.
 Then they got to visit some smaller animals, some goats, a lamb, rabbits and a miniature horse.
 Kirsten was ecstatic to be able to lead Belle back to the barn.
 After horses, we went swimming, and then to dinner.  The highlight of every camp is the night activites.  We exchanged SWAPS.
 And put on skits.  Bailey joined Kirsten and Keeton in singing a song they wrote while hiking earlier.  It was about how much they love being Girl Scouts and how Girl Scouts are nice to everyone.
Since there was a burn ban, we did backwards smores - marshmallows dipped in chocolate syrup and rolled in graham cracker crumbs!  I think we successfully wore the girls out because they slept much better the second night.  We got up and left early on Sunday so that we could make it back in time for church.  It was such an incredibly fun weekend.  I love that I got to dedicate three whole days to my special Kirsten!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

Looks like Kirsten had a great time at Girl Scout Camp! Love, Grandma Starnes