Sunday, October 16, 2011

Craig Ranch Fall Festival

Last night we officially kicked off a month of Halloween activities at the Craig Ranch Fall Festival.  It was really quite incredible for an HOA Halloween Party.  We had hamburgers and chips for dinner, 2 bounce houses, ice cream, raffles, a costume contest, face painting, balloon animals, a rock climbing wall, 3 bungee trampolines, a bounce house maze, a petting zoo, lizard exhibit, pony rides, a train, a dunk tank, and a ton of other little games.  We had such a good time as a family and spending time with friends.

This year Kirsten wanted to be a Witch - she specified that it had to be a cute one, and Katie was Belle.  At least I still have one little princess in the house!
The girls loved the train ride, it was Katie's first!
Kirsten loved the giant blow up maze.  Only one kid could go up at a time, so she and her friends started waiting for each other at the bottom of the slide so they could do the rest together.  They are so funny at this age, and try so hard to be social!
She finally made her way out the other end.
Katie loved running around chasing her friends.
Kirsten got a chance to actually be in the dunk tank!  She loved it and went four times.  She was the only little girl in a long line of boys waiting for their turn.   She was so brave!

The best part was that Katie and Jeremy were the ones to dunk her.  Katie thought it was hilarious!
After the neighborhood party, we headed over to the Lenderman's for cupcakes and to let the kiddos play.  We had a great night and are excited about the next few weeks full of more Halloween activities!

All about Katie

So I was thinking that it is about time that I dedicated an entire post to my littlest angel, Katie Anne.  She is such a little doll and has developed a very intense personality lately.  She knows exactly what she wants and is learning how to get it.  She is so bright and picks up on things so quickly.  She copies pretty much everything Jeremy, Kirsten and I do.  She is always quick to smile and give hugs and kisses.  She is talking up a storm, but I hardly understand any of it.  She always says "thank you" when I give her something and this week she did say "I love You mama"  very clearly.  It completely melted my heart. She is also quite the big kid.  At her 15 month check up she was 27 lbs and 32 inches - 91% in both.  She is starting to out grow some of ther 2T clothes.  No wonder my back always hurts!

I feel so blessed to have her in my life and in my family.  It has been a blessing to have so much one on one time with her while Kristen is in school.  I had five years of it being just me and Kirsten, and now I am lucky to have some of that with Katie.  Here is some of what she has been up to this week. 

I was cleaning the bathrooms and she decided that she needed to help.  I did find it slightly amusing that she knew how the plunger works!
 She even helped me scrub the tub!
Her newest passion is playing dress up.  She loves to wear tutus and puts things on her head constantly - she just won't leave them there.  She also is completely obsessed with shoes.  She picks them out and sits down and sticks her feet in the air for me to put them on her.  If I forget to put shoes on her when I get her dressed, she yells at me and goes back for some.  It is really funny.   Her favorites are her sparkly shoes, but she has unfortunately outgrown them this week.
 She is also fascinated by babies.  Every time she sees one, she almost jumps out of her skin.  She is actually very good with them and holds them, kisses them and pats their heads.  If she sees a baby crying, she will go up and pat their arm and sing to them.  She is really so sweet.  We were lucky to have Kacey up on Friday with her baby, Leah.  Katie was in heaven.
 We put them in matching tutus and even let Katie try to hold Leah.
She is such a little angel and has brought so much joy to our lives.  We love you Katie Anne!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Six Months into the Journey

This past week marks six months since I got really serious about my weight loss and getting in shape.  The past two months have been frustrating, going from 3-5 pounds a week to about 1.  I am hanging in there though, and I refuse to give up.  I met with my nutritionist this week and she says that I am ahead of my goal, being 120 pounds in 18 months.  I have lost 58 pounds in the past 6 months.  It is unbelievable to me how much better I feel.  Kirsten can sit next to me in the recliner now.  I can ride my bike.  I can jump on the trampoline with my kids.  I can practice ballet with Kirsten.  I can chase Katie around the park.  I no longer need the seat belt extender on an airplane.  I can get up off the floor by myself.  I do not have to shop plus sizes any more.  My complexion is clearing up.  My hypoglycemic blood sugar problems are resolving.  My depression is improving.  AND I now run for 45 minutes, 4 times a week, lift weight 3 times a week, and do yoga 3 times a week.  I seriously feel the best that I ever have in my life.  I feel like I am getting my life back.  Like I am breaking free of this monster and becoming myself again.  I could never do this without the support of my amazing husband and the rest of my family.  

I put together a collage of pictures from Day 1, Two Weeks, Three Months, and Six Months.  I am glad that I am having Jeremy take these. They keep me motivated on the hard days and help me to realize that I am making a difference each and every day.

Thank you to everyone who has been motivating me and supporting me.  I know that the best is yet to come!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Last night we had the missionaries over for dinner.  It was Elder Moli's birthday, so I made a chocolate cake and we invited the Lendermans over to help celebrate.  After the party, we decided to head out to the football game.  Liberty HS and Heritage HS were playing each other last night at Pizza Hut Park.  I have trumpet students at both schools, and our kiddos will go to Liberty, so we thought it would be fun.

The kids loved it.  Oddly enough, their favorite part was the food.  Chris was feeding that habit (literally) by continually returning to the snack bar for hot dogs, nachos, drinks and even churros.  Katie especially loved the game.  I was so surprised.  She was standing in her seat, clapping, cheering and jumping up and down for the majority of the game.
 Kirsten and Michael had a blast too.  They loved the marching bands, Kirsten wants to be in the colorguard and Michael wants to be the drum major.  Kirsten was talking non stop about the drill team and how she wanted to do that, but then decided that it looked too hard and she could never kick that high!  I took them over to see the band during the 3rd quarter, and they thought that was really cool until they started playing and it was really loud.
Such a fun night!  We can hardly wait to do it again!