Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Last night we had the missionaries over for dinner.  It was Elder Moli's birthday, so I made a chocolate cake and we invited the Lendermans over to help celebrate.  After the party, we decided to head out to the football game.  Liberty HS and Heritage HS were playing each other last night at Pizza Hut Park.  I have trumpet students at both schools, and our kiddos will go to Liberty, so we thought it would be fun.

The kids loved it.  Oddly enough, their favorite part was the food.  Chris was feeding that habit (literally) by continually returning to the snack bar for hot dogs, nachos, drinks and even churros.  Katie especially loved the game.  I was so surprised.  She was standing in her seat, clapping, cheering and jumping up and down for the majority of the game.
 Kirsten and Michael had a blast too.  They loved the marching bands, Kirsten wants to be in the colorguard and Michael wants to be the drum major.  Kirsten was talking non stop about the drill team and how she wanted to do that, but then decided that it looked too hard and she could never kick that high!  I took them over to see the band during the 3rd quarter, and they thought that was really cool until they started playing and it was really loud.
Such a fun night!  We can hardly wait to do it again!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

That's my girls! Go team Go! Love, Grandma Starnes