Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So I have a confession to make - I HATE doing laundry.  Like, really, really, really hate it more than anything else in the world.  If I could pay someone to do it for me, I would. A few years ago I decided that instead of constantly having to think about it and do a little bit every day, I would just ruin every Monday (we don't like Mondays anyway, right?) and just get it all done.  This works great for me.  I do one day, and then for six days I do not even have to think about it.

The problem is that about a month ago, the dryer broke.  Of course I did not figure this out until I had a week's worth of dirty clothes and two wet loads.  So I hung the clothes up outside on the clothes line I use for diapers, and called Jeremy sobbing.  My wonderful hubby came to the rescue!  He figured out quite easily that it was the heating element.  Great!  That should be easy to fix.  The next day we went to Sears, because it is a Kenmore, but they do not carry any parts.  We could order it for $60 plus tax, and shipping, and wait three weeks because it was back ordered.  No thank you.  So I figured, we will just try Home Depot or Lowe's and they surely will have something compatible.  Nope.  It turns out that no one carries dryer parts anymore.  They all want to sell you a new set - "and we have great financing options available...."  So we called a repair man, $150, no way.  Finally we found the part at the one appliance part store in the area, 45 minutes away.  It was ours for the taking for only $88 plus tax.  No thank you.  We finally found one on Amazon for $20.  That was more like it, but it took a week and a half to get in.

Now I tried to do what I could during that time - mainly socks, underware and Jeremy's and my work clothes, but it takes twice as long to do laundry when they have to air dry and then you have to iron every single article of clothing.  Then it turned cold and rainy and nothing was going to dry.  I was getting desperate when there was a knock at the door - the UPS man, my best friend!  Jeremy fixed it that night.  Only by now, I had three weeks of laundry piled up.  It took 2 weeks for me to catch up.  Not an experience I want to have again.  I am grateful that Jeremy was able to fix it for $20 though.  I am considering ordering another just to have on hand for the future.

On a related note, during yesterday's laundry adventure, I washed 56 pairs of socks.  That is PAIRS, not individuals.  That was for just one week with a family of four, averaging 14 pairs of socks each.  Now I admit that I go through 2 pairs of socks most days, one for the gym and one for the rest of the day, but what is everyone else's excuse?

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