Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Videos of Kirsten

Kirsten has been learning so much lately.  She has had three spelling tests so far and gotten a 105 on each of them because she has also gotten the challenge words right.  They include words such as subtraction, addition, number sentence, graph, liquid - all vocabulary words from their science and math. It is amazing to me that she is learning to spell these words in first grade!

About two months ago, Jeremy took the training wheels off of her bike.  She is doing great and getting more confident.  I took a video, but it turned out really dark, so I will have to try again.  She really only gets to try on Saturdays because it is dark by the time Jeremy gets home from work every night.

Kirsten is also learning to play the violin and piano.  She is doing so well at both.  She finished the first level of piano books in two months and is in level 2 now.  I can hardly go two days without her asking for another lesson.  She gets home from school, has a snack and then proceeds to practice 15 minutes of violin and 15 minutes of piano, practices her spelling words and then reads a half hour, all without me even having to tell her to.  I do not know where this determination came from, but I hope that it continues!

So these two videos are about a month old (from before I lost my camera) so she is much better than this now, but she is pretending to be shy and won't let me do new videos.  I hope that you enjoy!

I love listening to my budding musician!


Ellen and Jason said...

Great job Kirsten!! Gavin loved watching her "movie."

Janet Adams Starnes said...

Kirsten you are doing so well! I love listening to you play. Love, Grandma Starnes