Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ballerina Beans

Who would have ever thought that a pan of old beans could be this much fun?!

It was one of those -"I may actually be a good, creative mom" moments.

This year we switched dance studios.  We have been extremely happy with the new studio.  This week they had their class performances to end the semester.  Kirsten did a duet with Gracie, a girl in her class (Kirsten is 6, the rest of her class is 9).  Their teacher danced with them since they have only been working on it for two weeks.  I am amazed at the progress she is making with her new teacher.


ellen said...

Your girls are tooo cute! That Katie is adorable and Kirsten is so pretty! Gav couldn't get enough of Kirsten!

Janet Adams Starnes said...

Kirsten is becoming a very good ballerina! Love, Grandma Starnes