Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fun Weekend

Katie is becoming such little ham.  She has so much personality bundled up in her little body.  We figured out that she will let me fix her hair as long as we do it in front of the mirror where she can see what we are doing.  She is also becoming a poser.  Anytime I pull out the camera, she does this....
 I mean seriously, can it get any cuter?!

We also managed to finally get our tree and Christmas decorations up.  It took two tries to get the star on top!

 You may notice that it is really only decorated from the waist up....
Maybe next year we will be able to decorate the whole tree!

Yesterday morning I got up early to take my Girl Scout Troop to march in the Plano Christmas Parade.  It was Kirsten's first parade to be in, Katie's first parade to watch, and my first time to be in a parade not involving a marching band.  The morning was one of those "hurry up and wait" times, but the girls were thrilled that we got to see Santa while we waited.
 We met up with the other Girl Scouts and spent two hours eating donuts, drinking hot chocolate, coloring pictures and playing games.
 Once the parade started, they had more fun  passing out candy than anything else.
 I was secretly thrilled when they ran out of candy so that it was easier to keep an eye on them, and we could actually catch up with the rest of the parade!
 Kirsten spent the afternoon at a birthday party, and Jeremy headed to his parents to build some Christmas gifts in his dad's workshop.

After dinner we headed to the park for our neighborhood Winterfest.  The kids got to make cards and roast marshmallows, while we enjoyed carolers and hot cider.
 Katie and Rebecca trying to stay warm!
 The choir from Ogle Elementary came and sang a few songs followed by the tree lighting.  They planted a huge pine tree in the park a few years ago and every year decorate it for Christmas.  It is fun to turn into the neighborhood and see it each day.
 And of course, as always, we had a ton of fun with the Lendermans.
 The kids even got to see Santa.  Kirsten was thrilled, but Katie not so much.
It looks vaguely similar to this picture of Kirsten at the same age
We had such a fun weekend celebrating the Christmas Season.  I love this time of year.

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

I love all of Katie's expressions, she is very expressive! Love you all, MOM