Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.  Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday of the year.  It seems to have somehow avoided becoming overly commercialized and is just about being with family, eating good food, and being thankful for all that God has blessed us with. I love it!

We were able to spend Thanksgiving with Jeremy's family this year.  I somehow managed to not bring my camera - sorry.  It was wonderful though.  Alison took our family pictures for us (pictured at the top of the blog)  and did an absolutely amazing job!  We loved spending the day with Jeremy's family and eating way too much good food!

On Friday we headed up to Oklahoma to my Grandma and Grandpa Adams' farm.  My mom and step dad came down from Kansas and met us there.  We had a second Thanksgiving on Friday with family there.  We were especially lucky to meet my new cousin, Bryce.  He is 8 years old and was just adopted by my Aunt Iva and Uncle Cole.  Kirsten and him hit it off immediately.  He has been in foster care his whole life and said that he could hardly believe that he had a real cousin!  They spent most of the day together.  

On Saturday we headed up to the Oklahoma Science Museum.  It was seriously the best museum I have ever been in.  We spent five hours there and hardly did half of the museum.  I am dying to go back.

Kirsten and Bryce waiting in line
 Katie had a great time too!   There was a huge kids area that was sectioned off where she could just run around and play.  It was great until she found the water tables an got soaked!

 With all of the things we did, I think the highlight was riding the Segway.  We all got to do it, and wanted to do it again!  Kirsten went first.
She was so brave and had so much fun!


 There was no way to keep Jeremy off.  He has wanted to do one of these for years!
 I went too.  We are definitely going to have to try a Segway tour on our next vacation.
 They had great space exhibits.  I think she is looking for the moon...
 Kirsten and Bryce even got to go on a simulated space shuttle ride.  It was great watching their faces on the monitors.
 My brave little astronaut.
 Katie went on a moon ride too, this one was more her speed.
 I seriously cannot say enough good things about this museum.  It is worth the trip up to OKC to go.

Before we came home Saturday night, Kirsten and my mom built and decorated a gingerbread house.  Kirsten was ecstatic, she has been begging to do one for weeks.  Would you believe that it even survived the four hour car ride home?!
 And Katie was of course spoiled by her Grandpa Starnes who almost never put her down. Of course that could have been due to fear over what she might break....
We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving and are so happy to have been able to kick off the holiday season.


Nancy said...

Congratulations to Bryce and your entire family!

That museum looks awesome.

Ryan, Cassie and Crew said...

How much fun! Oh, and I love your new family picture. We miss you all. Can't wait for July.

Janet Adams Starnes said...

We did have a wonderful time Friday and Saturday with you and your wonderful family. I miss you all so much and cannot wait until Christmas. Love, MOM