Monday, January 23, 2012

Everything Else

I figured I would quickly fill in the blanks of everything else going on so far this year with a few pictures.
Katie is completely adorable and growing up so fast.  She loves to go to Kirsten's school and run around the cafeteria.
Katie is also developing a very strong opinion in certain areas.  She insists on picking out her clothes everyday and her pajamas every night.  If we pick it out, she just takes it off.  She wants shoes and her jean jacket on all of the time, and only lets me fix her hair if she is in front of the mirror and can see what I am doing.

She is also refusing to sit in her highchair anymore.  We had the Cochran's over for dinner last Sunday and so we pulled to booster seat out for their little one.  Katie climbed into it and sat there for over an hour.  It has since become her permanent place at the table.
She is also starting to play with her friends more and is particular about which ones she wants to play with.  Here she is with Luke and Owen playing the world's most beautiful piano trio!
Katie also LOVES brushing her teeth.  She seriously does it about six times a day.  She copies Kirsten exactly which has helped Kirsten become more diligent in her brushing. It has become part of their nightly ritual - bathe together, matching pajamas, brush teeth together, read a story in Kirsten's bed together, sing a song together, and then get tucked in at the same time.
 I feel seriously blessed that they love each other so much and love being together and doing things together.  Kirsten told me the other day that she and Katie were best friends in heaven, so Jesus let them be sisters.  It brought tears to my eyes to realize just how much she loves her sister.

We have been trying to enjoy some family time whenever we can.  Friday was kind of crazy so we had a picnic in the living room and watched CARS 2.  The girls were thrilled to stay up past their bedtime.
My dad spent the last month in Afghanistan.  We have been so worried about him and praying continuously for his safety.  His birthday was Friday and he came home Saturday.  They came straight from the airport to our house and we were able to celebrate his birthday with dinner and carrot cake.  The girls were so excited to see their grandpa.
I found at that I am going to have to have surgery on my ankle.  I injured on my mission ten years ago and it never fully healed.  I re-injured it running this fall.  The tendon just under my ankle bone is ruptured.  We have decided to schedule the surgery for March 5th so that I will have two weeks off of work - one being spring break.  I will have to be completely off of my foot for a month, which should be interesting with Katie, but thanks to wonderful family and friends, I think we will actually be able to make this work.  As much as I am not looking forward to this, I am looking forward to an end to the pain that has been plaguing me for so many years.

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

Katie is developing quite a sweet personality. She definitely knows what she wants! Love, MOM