Sunday, January 1, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

We have had a major case of Monkey See, Monkey Do in our house over the past two weeks.  We have absolutely loved having Kirsten home from school.  Although, she has insisted on sticking to her school schedule, doing PE, Music, Art, Library, spelling tests, all on their assigned day.  She has been great about reading with me for an hour everyday during Katie's nap, and has actually finished three Junie B. Jones books all by herself during the break.  Kirsten and Katie have kept me super busy, but they have been so much fun to watch.  
Some of their moments over the break....

Pajama Day
 We had Megan Hope stay with us for two days while her parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. At one point she hurt her knee and was laying on the couch with an ice pack on it.  So Katie had to do it....
 As did Kirsten.
 Kirsten was practicing her spelling words, and Katie grabbed a pencil and notepad and joined right in.
 They would snuggle together in Kirsten's bed and read stories together.
Baked Christmas Cookies together

My sister, Jenny, did her makeup and so of course Kirsten had to have her's done too, but Katie decided to do her own.
 We have had many, many piano duets over the past two weeks.
 Kirsten likes to lay in bed on her computer and so Katie joins her with her magna doodle.
 Good thing we have two green balls, or whatever would we do?
 The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and we had plenty of opportunities to play at various parks.
 Kirsten even took some time and taught her sister how to ride a scooter.
I love that my girls love each other so much and get along so well.  I have absolutely loved these past two weeks.  I am dreading tomorrow when Kirsten goes back to school, Katie is going to freak out.  At least Jeremy will be home one more day to run interference!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

I really enjoyed our visit over Christmas, I loved seeing you all and spending time with you all. Love, MOM and grandma!