Tuesday, January 31, 2012


At Katie's 18 month check up, her pediatrician was concerned that she had yet another ear infection, and was  delayed in her speech.  She talks all of the time, almost non-stop, but it is just mumbling and copying our inflections.  She referred us to an ENT who found that she had fluid in her left ear,  puss in her right ear, another infection in her right ear and she did not even respond on her right side when they did her hearing test.  We decided that tubes would be the best option for her.

I was admittedly very nervous about the whole thing.  I knew that she would be alright, but the thought of them wheeling my baby off to an operating room without me to be put to sleep was a little unnerving.  My in-laws came over last night to help Jeremy give her a blessing, which helped me relax some.  

So today was the day.  We got to the hospital at 6:15 this morning.  Katie amazed us all by walking herself down the hallway to the pre-op area and climbing right up into the hospital bed.  She sat very still while the nurses took all of her vitals and I spoke to the nurses, the doctor and the anesthesiologist. 
 We changed her into the tiniest hospital gown I have ever seen with tigers all over it and they took her back.  It was over in about ten minutes and they came and got me to meet her in recovery.  All of the nurses were shocked because apparently pretty much all little kids scream when they wake up from the anesthesia, and Katie just sat there.  Her nurse just loved her and wanted to keep holding her.
 Pretty soon she woke up enough to realize I was there and began reaching for me emphatically.  Although, it took her awhile to figure out exactly where I was, she was pretty out of it.
I held her for about ten more minutes until she jumped off my lap, grabbed my hand, and started dragging me towards the door.  Apparently she was done with that place.  The nurses said we could go, so I changed her back into her pajama top and she walked herself to the car.  We were home by 7:45.

They found a solidified ball of puss the size of a marble behind her right ear drum.  They had to put a solution in to break it down and then drain it.  They drained her left ear too and put tubes in both sides.

She seems to already be feeling better and has been very pleasant, but very cuddly, all day.  She got a little scared when Kirsten started playing the piano after school, but they said to expect that as she gets accustomed to the louder noises around her.  Jeremy was wonderful to take the day off work and stay with her all day.  All in all, it was a very pleasant, smooth experience.  I look forward to watching her develop and learn with this new sense of awareness.

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