Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jeremy the Great!

I have said it before, and I will probably say it everyday for the rest of my life - Jeremy is the most amazing husband/father/man on the planet!  I feel so blessed to have him in my life and am grateful every day that my daughters have someone as amazing as him for their father.  The past week has been anything but easy around this house, and he has kept everything running smoothly.  He even took Kirsten to buy flowers for the front yard yesterday, did the laundry and then made soup for dinner tonight as I yelled instructions from my chair in the other room.  And considering that he does all of that while accompanied by two adorable appendages.....
He truly is "Jeremy the Great!"

My dad was wonderful and came and stayed here with me all day Thursday and Friday.  Katie even started saying "Grandpa" to him Thursday evening.  I know it was a great sacrifice for him to take off of work to change dirty diapers, chase a toddler, do the school drop and pick up thing, run me to doctors appointments and just generally do my bidding, but he did it with a smile and we are so grateful for him.  We have so many wonderful men in our lives!

I am doing significantly better today, although still not great.  I had a hard cast put on this past Friday which is protecting my ankle much better.  We also bought a bath stool so I am able to take actual showers - it is unbelievable how much that helps!  I am able to go six hours between pain killers now and am only waking up in excruciating pain once or twice a  night.  I made it to church today - I figured I could sit at home with my foot up or I could sit at church with my foot up.  It was exactly the lift that I needed to partake of the sacrament and be fed spiritually.  The girls are dealing with everything better, today is the first day that Katie will really come near me since Monday.  Speaking of Katie, have you ever seen a prettier 20 month old in your life?!
I am taking things a day at a time right now - but that is improved from the previous hour at a time.  I am so thankful for all of the support and help of my dear friends and family.  Between bringing meals, showing up with surprise donuts for breakfast and taking Katie to the Library for story time - you have made this week manageable.  You are all so wonderful!


Janet Adams Starnes said...

I am so glad it is getting better. I am so anxious to get to Texas and help you out. See you next weekend. Love you all, MOM

Janet Adams Starnes said...

Yes you have a wonderful hubby--he is truly Jeremy the Great. Katie is getting cuter by the day too! Love, MOM