Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Ten and a half years ago, while on my mission in Honduras, I rolled my left ankle.  I spent the next four months walking on it until I came home.  I had torn a tendon and went through months of physical therapy to help repair it.  I was declared "healed" although it never stopped hurting completely.  It was tolerable most of the time though.  Then this October I hurt it again while running.  I went to the podiatrist and was put in a walking boot for two months.  This should have repaired the tendon, but it did not.   In December an MRI revealed that I had a two inch lateral tear in the Peroneus Brevis tendon of my left ankle.  We decided at that point that surgery would be our best option.  We looked at our schedules and decided that March 5th would be the best time to do it.  It would allow me to have two weeks off of work - one being spring break, and would allow my mom to be able to come down and help too.  

It really felt like the day would never come, but I did my best to get ready.  I stocked the freezer full of prepared meals, cancelled lessons, got people to cover for Girls Scouts, got a handicapped tag, crutches, bath stool, knee scooter, water-proof boot, put my gym membership on hold, set up help for three weeks with the kids, did laundry, cleaned the house, and filled my prescriptions.  I thought I was all prepared.  I was wrong.  

I went in Monday morning for the surgery.  Patty took me in so that Jeremy could get Kirsten to school.  It was great to have her there with me.  The IV was started on the first try - a record, and a miracle for me.  I don't remember leaving the pre-op room, just waking up in severe pain.  When Dr Silvers got in there, he found that since the MRI in December, the tear had grown to 4 inches in length.  I could tell it was getting worse over the past few months.  

I was home before lunch time and slept for a few hours.  At 3 pm I woke up when Kirsten got home from school in the worst pain of my life.  My  pain medication was not working and I did not sleep again until Tuesday afternoon when I finally got some different medication.  I was not prepared for the intense pain associated with this surgery.  My pain scale (you know the 1-10 they always ask) has been completely re-calibrated.  I have been through natural childbirth and a c-section and they are nothing compared to this.  I have spent many hours curled up crying the past 3 days because there was nothing else I could do.  I have barely been able to eat enough to get medicine in me.

Getting up and down are the worst.  I never thought that going to the bathroom could be such an ordeal.  Jeremy has been so wonderful and patient with me the past three days.  He heads back to work tomorrow and my dad is coming to stay with me.  

I am feeling slightly better today.  I was able to wash my hair and get a sponge bath and a nap.  The girls have been especially wonderful.  Katie was really confused and curious about my foot when I first got home, but now she has learned to steer clear of mommy's foot and is being extremely cute and sweet.
I go in on Friday to get the stitches out and a hard cast put on.  Then it is four weeks in the cast and then four more weeks in a walking boot.  In total I will have 6 to 8 weeks that I have to be off of my foot completely. I am not entirely sure how I will do that in a few weeks when I am on my own, but right now I am just taking it an hour at a time.  I am trying to keep my eye on the prize - six months from now when all the therapies are done and I can walk, run, hike and bike and now be in pain.

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The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

what an ordeal, you are a brave woman, hope the medicine is kicking in a bit, we are thinking of you,

Darlene and the family