Thursday, April 26, 2012


The greatest part about Jeremy and my birthdays being back to back is that once a year we get to party for 48 hours straight.  This year was no exception.  Friday  morning I went to the podiatrist and am off of my crutches!  I can actually walk, cook, shower, pick up my kids, go shopping, and do laundry.  It was seriously the best birthday present I could have received!  

Friday night we started our celebrations by going out to dinner at Genghis Grill with the Lendermans.  Katie did not want to say goodbye to "her baby", Rebecca.  They are seriously so sweet together.
Saturday morning, Jeremy made me crepes for breakfast and then I ran out the door to the Girl Scout Thin Mint Sprint.  I could not run the 5k, obviously, but I was in charge of check in, timing, awards, ect.  Then I headed to my friend Liz's baby shower.  I spent the afternoon lounging around and snuggling my kids.  Saturday night, Jeremy and I enjoyed a wonderful, quiet dinner at Cheesecake Amor followed by a session at the temple.  We topped it off with cheesecake and a movie when we got home.

Sunday morning I actually got up before Jeremy (that never happens!) and made him omelets for breakfast before heading to church.
 We spent Sunday afternoon and evening making the rounds to parents' houses.  We started at my dads for "celebratory nachos" per Jeremy's request.  The girls had a blast in the backyard playing with bubbles with my dad.
 We had delicious cupcakes that we saved and ate the next day - great foresight on Patty's part.
 We ended the day at Jeremy's parents' house where we also celebrated his brother Zach's birthday.   Alison made a delicious chocolate cake that was dusted with powdered sugar.  When the three of us blew out the candles together the sugar went everywhere in a big puff.  It was hilarious!

We had such a great weekend and are so grateful for the time we were able to spend sharing it with our family.

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

I am glad you both had wonderful birthdays! Love you both, MOM