Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference Weekend

I love General Conference weekend.  It is always so great to be able to stay home in my pajamas and be with my family, but the best part is being able to listen to the words of the Prophet and other church leaders.  We were actually able to watch 3 of the four sessions of conference, which is unbelievable with our two little munchkins.  They were surprisingly good the whole time.  Katie and I spent time snuggling in my chair - which is where I pretty much live these days.
 Katie was very reverent during the prayers and would fold her arms without us even asking.
 Our traditional pizza picnic in the living room during conference.
 Katie's favorite part is the music.  She would alternate between dancing, staring at the tv while touching the faces of the choir members, and conducting the music.
 We downloaded conference bingo and a word search for Kirsten.  She seriously loved it.  When we had to miss part of the afternoon session, she got really upset and made us watch it online when we got home.
 And of course Jeremy enjoyed tons of time snuggling with both of his girls.
 I think that we ended the weekend on a positive note - Katie's smile says it all.
We were able to combine our two favorite things into one - the gospel and family time!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

Katie looks so happy in that last picture! I love you all and miss you. Love, MOM