Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Egg Hunts

This weekend we had two Easter Egg Hunts!  On Saturday morning Jeremy took the girls to our neighborhood's HOA hunt.  Kirsten had her picture taken with the Easter Bunny.  Jeremy said that he tried with Katie but it was basically reminiscent of the Santa incident at Christmas.
 Kirsten and Katie waiting for the hunt to start.
 Kirsten and Katie with their friends Racel, Michael, Logan and Lucas
 Then on Sunday afternoon we had our annual Craig Ranch Moms Easter Egg Hunt and Potluck BBQ.  It was a little overwhelming being in charge this year, especially with my foot, but thank goodness I have an amazing team of women helping me and the best husband ever.  Thanks to them we were able to pull it off.  We started with a line up for the toddler egg hunt.
 After Saturday's hunt, Katie knew just what to do and ran right into the middle of the action.

 They were only supposed to get 12 eggs each, and she ended up with 25.  We had to put some back, and thank goodness she was a good sport about it!
 After the preschool hunt, it was time for Kirsten to join in the school-aged hunt.
 It was slightly more chaotic than the previous two and ended much more quickly.
 Kirsten and Katie inspecting their loot!
 After the hunt we had a BBQ and potluck dinner.  Jeremy was such a good sport and grilled over 100 hamburgers and hotdogs.
 Katie was my helper as I prepared the raffle.  We had so many generous businesses and moms donate some great prizes this year.
 Kirsten had a blast running around with Koral and Kenna.  We had to constantly remind them that they could not play "beat up all the boys" in the bounce house.
 Speaking of the bounce house, we waited until everyone left and we were just waiting for them to come pick it up to give Katie a try.  The result...
I don't think she like bounce houses very much!

I know I have said this a thousand times, and I will say it a thousand more - I love our neighborhood.  I feel so blessed to live here.  When Jeremy and I first drove into this neighborhood 7 and a half years ago, we instantly knew that this was where Heavenly Father wanted us to raise our family.  It has been reaffirmed to us many, many times that we made the right decision.  I am so grateful for all the wonderful friends that we have here and for the great support that we are to each other. 

I am also glad to have the Easter Egg Hunts out of the way a week early so that we can spend this week focusing on the real purpose of Easter - the death and resurrection of our Savior.

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

You are right--doesn't look like Katie likes bounce houses! She loves to hunt Eggs though--and I got a lot of those for the girls to hunt in my yard! Looking forward to you all being here. Love, MOM