Thursday, April 5, 2012


Over the past few weeks, Kirsten's class has been doing a science unit all about butterflies.   I am going to let her tell you all about her experience.

Two weeks ago, our class got caterpillars.  I named one of the caterpillars Flutter.   She was a really pretty caterpillar, she smiled everytime I looked at her.  Caterpillars eat leaves and get fat so they can make a crysalis.  They get in it and stay there for one week.  During that week we learned all about their life cycle. They start as an egg.  Then grow into a caterpillar, then they make their crysalis, then they turn into butterflies. Then this Wednesday Flutter came out of her crysalis as a beautiful painted lady butterfly.  We watched her in our classroom and even saw her eat watermelon with her proboscis!  On Thursday we let them go.  When Flutter went out, I was really sad, I now I am writing poems about her and drew her pictures so I can always remember her.  I even think I saw her on my way home from school today.  These are pictures of my class releasing all of our butterflies

   I love my sweet little girl and am heartbroken to see her cry over releasing her butterfly.  I am thrilled that she had this experience though to learn about one of her favorite things so personally.

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