Thursday, April 26, 2012

Go Fish

Last week Kirsten participated in the First Grade School Performance of Go Fish.  They have been doing an ocean unit and so they continued that theme into music class.  Kirsten sang her little heart out to the songs  Fun in the Sun, We're Sharks, Commotion in the Ocean, Roundup Under the Sea, and Colors of the Sea.   She was so brave and even had a speaking part!  
 She wore a necklace and a hair flower that my dad brought back from Hawaii a few years back. They made her feel extra special.
 Kirsten and her teacher, Mrs Bolling.
 She was lucky to have not only mom, dad and sissy there, but Grandma Lowe and Grandma Alleman as well.
 Everyone in first grade drew pictures of different ocean animals for art class using new techniques.  Most the artwork was displayed by class in the cafeteria.  Kirsten's was one of the few chosen for a special display in from of the art room.
 She drew a dragon fish from the "dark zone" of the ocean.
She did such a wonderful job and has learned so much about the ocean.  They learned about each of the zones and what lives there, the food chain of the ocean and about all different types of ocean life.  They even did their first research project in the library and each person in the class wrote a paper about a different animal and then shared it with their class. I am thrilled with all of the wonderful things she is learning in first grade!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

Kirsten is so smart! Wish I could have been there--thanks for sharing. Love, MOM