Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Family Time

Family time is sacred around our house and we are sometime quite selfish with it.  We do whatever it takes to sit down, all four of us, every night, seven days a week, for dinner.  No exceptions.  Sometimes it is crazy and the girls have gotten accustomed to eating anywhere between 5 and 7:30, but we do it.  We also spend time every night doing something together.  Some nights it is more grandiose, like a bike ride, going to the pool or a movie night, but sometimes it is simply tagging along to a Girl Scout activity or dance class, putting together a puzzle, playing a quick game of UNO, or our favorite - marshmallow roasting in the fire place.
 We have realized that it doesn't matter what we are doing, just that we are doing it together.  There are no three people in the world I would rather spend my time with.

On Saturday we were able to go as a family to Meghan's baptism. I am good friends with her mom, Jeremy is their home teacher, and Kirsten and Meghan are self-proclaimed bffs.
 We had a special treat on Sunday and were able to go to my in-law's house and see Kacey, Tyler and Leah.  Katie and Kirsten loved holding little Leah and are totally in love with their cousin!
 Last week, my Uncle Larry was in town for the International Horn Symposium.  Among other things, he taught several classes, and debuted a horn sonata that he composed.  He was kind enough to take an evening away from the concerts and classes and come join our family for dinner.  Kirsten was thrilled to see him again, and Katie took to him instantly!
 We are so grateful to be blessed with such an amazing family and such a wonderful extended family and are thrilled whenever we get to spend time with them.

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

It was good to see pictures of your uncle Larry, the girls and Kacey and her baby. Love, MOM