Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First Lost Tooth

Kirsten lost her first tooth!  And believe that no one could be more excited.  She was literally the last person in first grade to loose one.  She was so excited that it happened on Monday.  Only four days left of school - and that means that she gets on the first grade tooth chart!

She was so good for Jeremy and he just popped it right out!  I think he was secretly thrilled too.  I think it is one of those parental rights of passage - kind of like when he taught her to ride a two-wheeler bike.
 My beautiful toothless princess!
 She put her tooth in her tooth fairy pillow
 And then promptly put in under her pillow.
 Of course, not being one to be left out, Katie had to show us her mouth....
 And then put her little purse under her pillow too.
 Right before bed, Kirsten wrote a sweet letter to leave for the tooth fairy.
 And wouldn't you know - Tootheetori came and left a note for Kirsten and $2!!
She was so excited to show her teacher at school today and took the note with her.  She sure is growing up!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

I know Kirsten has been working on that tooth for a long time--she was so excited when I was there in March that she finally had a loose tooth--now she has lost her first tooth! Cool!