Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Girl Scout Bridging

Tonight was our Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony.  We met at the bridge and pavilion over the pond in our neighborhood.  We hung ten balloons on either side of the bridge, one for each color representing the ten parts of the girl scout law.  Here are all my Daisy Scouts.  I cannot believe that we have been doing this for two years!
 The girls did their first flag ceremony tonight. I was so proud of them for practicing so hard the past few weeks and being able to do this.
 During the National Anthem all the girls saluted the flag - so of course Katie had to also.
 Then they lined up and said the Girl Scout Promise, and then they each shared one of the ten parts of the Girl Scout Law.
 We had them line up on the far side of the bridge and come across one at a time.
 Once on the other other side, their parents removed their Daisy vest,
 And then replaced it with their Brownie Vest.
 Then I did the Girl Scout hand shake with each girl and presented them with a certificate, pin, patch and a gift.
 After we sang our "Brownie Smile Song"  each girl picked a balloon from the Daisy side of the bridge and we released them into the air.
 Then we moved over to the Brownie side of the bridge where they each picked a balloon to take home.
We spent time afterwards visiting and enjoying refreshments and the cool spring evening air.  I love being a Girl Scout Leader and have grown to love these ten little girls so much.  I am grateful for such a wonderful program to help teach our girls and build their bonds of friendship.  I cannot believe I have a Brownie in the house!


Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

So are you going to be the brownie leader now? Such fond memories of GS!

Janet Adams Starnes said...

Laura, I am so glad you are following in the tradition of Girl Scouts, my mother was my leader, I was your leader, now you are Kirsten's leader. Love, MOM