Friday, May 4, 2012


On Monday, Kirsten had the day off of school.  We decided to spend the day at Legoland with Cathleen and her kiddos, Michael, Rachel and Rebecca.  We were really lucky that the place was practically empty and were able to enjoy it without the crowds.

At the very beginning, they do a presentation and Kirsten, Rachel and Michael were chosen to come up front and turn the wheels to make the lego machine work.
 We went on the Kingdom Quest ride 4 times and the kids went on the Sorcerer's ride 6 times.  Not too long after we got there we ran into our good friend Rebecca who was there with her kids, Kinsley, Luke and Owen.  It was fun having so many friends there to build and play with.
 Katie loved playing in the lego barn and kept climbing up and then heading down the slide.  It kept her busy for hours!

 Katie also spent time in the giant Duplo area building a fort.
 She was also always very conscious of Rebecca and kept checking in on her to make sure she was having fun too!
 All the kids loved the princess karaoke and spent tons of time dancing and singing.
 We also watched all three of the 4-D movies and spent time in the mini-land.  Katie and Owen kept running around looking at things (those two can get into trouble really quickly together!)
 Kirsten and Katie in front of the "Great Wolf Lodge"  Kirsten keeps begging to go there again, unfortunately she said that this did not count, she wants to go there for real.
 Katie on a giant lego dog
 Kirsten and Michael  could almost always be found together and building their race cars.
 They had dozens of races and tended to get a little competitive.
This last picture is for Zach.  Katie was scared to death of the life sized Dirk.  She may not end up being a Mavs fan afterall!
We had such a great time and really enjoyed our day off of school. Only 18 more days to go until summer, then the fun really starts!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

That looks like Great Fun!!!