Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

We had a wonderful Memorial Day this year.  We started off the day with blueberry waffles made by Jeremy and Kirsten.  Then we all headed to the gym to get a workout in before the day got too crazy.

After quick showers we headed over to the Grove at the Villages of Allen.  We met my friend Jennifer there with her adorable little boy, Ryan.
 There are several little buildings that the girls had fun playing in.
 Katie's favorite was the red caboose.  She is completely obsessed with "choo choos" right now.
 Kirsten spent most of her time running around the hedge maze that is shaped like the state of Texas.
 My two little angels looking out the train window.
 When we got too hot to play anymore, we headed across the street and enjoyed an early lunch at Which Which.
 Then we went next door to Bliss Cupcakes and bought two huge cupcakes to share.  (Can you tell which coupons I clipped from Ad Pages this week?!)
 During Katie's nap Jeremy, Kirsten and I played a game of Super Munchkin.  She is surprisingly good at it!

After her nap we headed over to my dad's house for a Memorial Day barbeque.  He had also invited his neighbors, the Christensens.  Patty made potato salad and my dad grilled hamburgers and we topped it off with strawberries in the chocolate fountain.

After dinner the kids headed outside for some bubble blowing.  Kirsten loved having Kinsley there.  Apparently they are bffs too (I think she has about 20 of those).
 After some practice, Katie was finally getting the hang of blowing bubbles too.
 Then the kids changed into swim suits and enjoyed playing in the sprinklers.
 Katie kept trying to get Luke and Owen to join her in getting soaked, but they seemed to like the bubbles better.
 Once we had thoroughly exhausted my dad and Patty, we headed back over to Jeremy's parents house.  We have to get in as much time as we can with Kacey while she is here.  It was a bonus that Rachel was there too.  They had just finished up a graduation party for the kids from church.  I can hardly believe that those two graduate in less than a week.  Megan was Kirsten's age when Jeremy and I started dating.  She is not allowed to grow up as fast as Megan did!
We are ever mindful of those who fought and continue to fight for our country and our freedom, especially my brother, John.  We love you.

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

Yes, I am very grateful for the service of our Military, past and present. Love, MOM