Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

My two beautiful daughters and amazing husband treated me to a fabulous mother's day this year.  I woke up Sunday morning to banana pancakes made entirely by Kirsten. I was so impressed and they were delicious!
 I was spoiled with a book Kirsten made me at school, a necklace and earrings from my girls and a certificate for a spa day sampler package from Jeremy.
 Katie was sick and Jeremy was kind enough to stay home from church with her so that I could go on mother's day.  Jeremy and my dad spoiled us with a wonderful lunch of grilled steaks, baked potatoes, green beans and rolls.
 We topped it off with a chocolate cake that I made on Saturday.    I used the recipe for Too much Chocolate cake but I made it healthier by substituting sugar free pudding, fat free sour cream, apple sauce for the oil and egg whites for the eggs.  It actually cuts out 200 calories per slice!  No one could tell the difference - it was seriously amazing. Then I melted some chocolate chips and poured them over the top.
We spent the rest of the day just enjoying time as a family.  I feel so blessed to be a mother and feel that I have the most wonderful daughters I could have ever dreamed of!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

That cake looks wonderful Laura! I am glad that you had a great Mother's Day. Love, MOM