Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Swimming Lessons

We did swimming lessons early this year because of trips planned over the summer.  Kirsten's class was every Saturday in May.  Since she is already a great swimmer and knows most of the strokes, her teachers were working on proper form with her this year.  She is really doing great.
I love how she is taking to the water and how much she loves to swim and learn new things.  She recently taught herself to do handstands in the water - I remember doing that with my sisters growing up!
 Keeping Katie busy during Kirsten's lessons proved to be more than a little difficult.  I tried to get her in a mommy and me class again, but there were not any at the same time as Kirsten's.  She would only  last so long in her stroller.
I blame it mostly I blame it on the fact that she was staring straight at this....
 We resorted to playing in the locker room at times.  She saw the bar in the bathroom and ran up to it, grabbed it and started shuffling her feet.  She thought it was a ballet bar!! She really loves to dance.
 We have been frequenting the pool several times a week since it opened in April and my girls truly do love the water!

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