Sunday, June 24, 2012


Just like everyone else in Texas, we spend our summers looking for activities that involve either air conditioning or water.  Anything else would kill us.  I think that we hit the jackpot this time.  I took the girls to an indoor play area in Plano called CooCoo's.  It has an arcade, nine giant bouncne houses and a train.  Kirsten took off immediately and loved all of the bounce houses.
Katie was enthralled by the ski ball game.  She did not quite get it though and kept stealing other kids' balls and climbing up ramp.  
Fortunately we found the train.  I thought Katie was going to go crazy shouting "choo choo!" when she saw it.  Kirsten was a good sport and went on it a few times with her.
For the rest of the day, that was it.  Over the next three hours, Katie went on the train 25 times and would not set foot in a single bounce house.
Even now, she is seeing the pictures and shouting for her choo choo.  We will have to do this again this summer.

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

That does look like fun--and cool! I am glad Katie likes trains--like her grandma Starnes does. Love, MOM