Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I can hardly comprehend that Kirsten has finished first grade.  It was such an incredibly wonderful year for her.  She has learned so much and grown so much.  On Thursday they had their class party.  It just happened to be at the same time as my conference period, so I was able to run over and help with her party.  On Friday they had their Celebration of Learning.  Katie insisted on sitting with Kirsten during the presentation.  This is Kirsten and her friend, Hope.  She moved here in February and Kirsten took it upon herself to welcome her to school, show here around and be her friend.  She asked the teacher if she could sit by her in class and at lunch so the she would feel welcome.  She is so kind and always reaches out to those around her that she senses need help or a friend.  That is something that I could never teach her here at home.  
 Kirsten absolutely loved her teacher this year, Mrs Bolling.  She is seriously the most amazing teacher I have ever encountered and we wish she could be Kirsten's teacher for the rest of her life.  It made is so much easier for me to send her to school each morning knowing that there was someone who loved her waiting for her there.  They really did develop a special relationship this year and we will miss her dearly.s
 Kirsten was awarded the Super Reader award for the first grade.  I am so proud of her.  She loves reading and devours every book she can get her hands on.  I think I have more books on my Kindle for her than I do for me!  Her favorites right now are the Magic Treehouse Series.  She has almost read the entire series, she is on book 36 now.
First Grade was a fabulous year for my little princess. I am excited to see what Second Grade will bring, but right now I am just enjoying having her home with me for the summer.

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

I am so proud of Kirsten and that she reads so well--that will serve her well her entire life. Love, MOM