Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Katie is 2!

Believe it or not, Katie had a birthday!  On June 28th she turned 2 years old.  It took me a long to get this post up, mainly do a hard drive crash, Jeremy loosing his job, all of us being sick... Enough for excuses.  Here is the nitty gritty.

Katie is growing everyday and learning so much.  She talks up a storm and we can actually understand her most of the time now.  She is a little copy cat and does EVERYTHING that Kirsten does.  It is so much fun to watch them together.  She is completely obsessed with Minnie Mouse, Thomas the Train, Dora and books.  She loves to color and sing and dances anytime there is music on.  At the doctor she measured 36 1/4" tall (96%) and 29lbs 6oz (80%).  So she is still tall, but is thinning out some.  She is wearing 3T clothes and size 8 shoes.  She is almost completely potty-trained and is begging to sleep in a big girl bed.  I guess that I cannot call her my baby anymore.

We had so much fun celebrating her birthday this year. She was spoiled with two parties.  In the morning we met friends at Aviator park to play.  It is right next to a small airport and has these fun airplanes for the kids to play in
 There is also a lot of sidewalk space where they can draw with sidewalk chalk and ride scooters.
The main reason that I chose this park was for the splash pad.  With how hot it is here, I thought that it would be good to get wet and cool off a bit.  
 Katie's guests included Michael and Rebecca; Abigail, Madison and Zachary; Paizley; and Zoe and Kyra.  We had pink Minnie Mouse cupcakes, but Michael refused to eat them because they were too girly.
 That night we had family over to celebrate a second time.  We had my dad and Patty; Jeremy's mom and dad; Megan; Zach and Alison; Aaron; Chris and Darlene with Jordon and David; and Chris and Cathleen with Michael, Rachel and Rebecca (they count as family, right?!).  Katie spent most of the night in Zach's lap.   
 We enjoyed pizza for dinner, presents and pink lemonade cake.  Katie freaked out when we lit the candle.
 Katie received some great presents and she is having so much fun playing with them.  The ultimate was her grandparent gift.  All of her grandparents pooled together and bought her this amazing doll house.
She and Kirsten have had so much fun playing with it.  The great thing is that it is so big that they can play together and not fight!

We love our Katie so much and can't believe that it has been two years already.


Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

Happy Birthday!

I am sorry to hear Jeremy lost his job! What happened? I am no longer on FB, so I miss big things like this!

We will keep you in our prayers!

Janet Adams Starnes said...

Laura, you can always call her your baby--but not to her face--because she will always be your baby just like John will always be my baby in my heart--but he really gets upset if I call him that in person. Katie is so cute and sweet and I love her so much. I am glad she had a wonderful second birthday. Love, MOM